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TKC 481 Mirna Valerio

Author of A Beautiful Work in Progress Interview starts at 18:20 and ends at 43:17 “Whatever kind of mindset they’re stuck in about whether it’s weight loss or about whether or not you should be out there running in your big body, because maybe you’re going to hurt your knees or your back: You don’t […]

TKC 433 Laura Hazard Owen

Deputy Editor, Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard  Interview ‪starts at 16:02 and ends at 40:51 I think it’s become very clear that there’s going to be a devoted subset of people who do read on eReaders, and there’s going to be a lot more reading on phones. News “Amazon App for iPhone Now Has X-Ray […]

TKC 274 Dr. Matthew H. Schneps

Co-author of “E-Readers Are More Effective than Paper for Some with Dyslexia” Interview Starts at 17:34  I have had people with dyslexia come up to me and say, “Look, I can read much better on a Kindle. In fact I was never able to read before, and now I’ve got the Kindle, and I can read.” And they […]

TKC 246 Robert Darnton

Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor, Harvard Librarian, and key visionary for Digital Public Library of America Interview Starts at 16:16 Now the strategy is not to have a five-year plan with an enormous budget of that sort but rather one that would involve beginning from a core of already digitized collections that we will make available on […]

Today is an Historic Day for the Free Flow of Ideas

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) launches today at noon Eastern Time. If you point your browser to dp.la at that moment, you will have a front-row seat at an historic event, one that might have led Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and other Enlightenment-inspired Founding Fathers to nod their heads and say, “Just so.” […]

TKC 175 Robert Darnton

News – 1) Amazon announces KDP Select. 2 ) The Department of Justice joins the European Commission in investigating the agency model for e-book pricing, via ComputerWorld. Tech Tips – Fire: WiFi Analyzer helps you see if you’re camping on your neighbor’s WiFi channels. Click here for the steps to add Screen Filter (not in […]

TKC 141 Robert Darnton

News – The deadline is April 1 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time for submitting a video entry in an unusual contest being conducted by WorldReader.org.  Thanks to a sponsorship by eDreams, the winner will receive an all-expenses-paid one-week trip to Ghana, where he or she will work as a volunteer in the organization’s project of […]

TKC 116 Sarah Diment

News – 1) Harvard Library Director Robert Darnton, my guest on last week’s show, says the gathering he hosted last weekend was a success, because a clear consensus emerged in support of creating a National Digital Library, as reported in this post by The Chronicle of Higher Education.  2) Amazon updates the Kindle for iPad/iPhone/iPod […]

Updated TKC 115 Robert Darnton

Note: This replaces the previously uploaded TKC 115, which had one track missing, including the interview with Robert Darnton. News – 1) Kindle for the Web. 2) Kindle for BlackBerry PlayBook. 3) A tipster tells TechCrunch an Amazon Tablet is coming. 4) Andrys Basten reports evidence that Amazon did indeed learn its 1984 lesson. 5) […]