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Is VR the Ultimate Empathy Machine for 360 Storytelling? SXSW Liveblog

Another big crowd gathers for a Virtual Reality tour. This one is titled “Ultimate Empathy Machine: 360 Storytelling in VR and it features as one of the panelists a big gun from Google. Andrey Doronichev is Google’s product manager for VR apps. Other panelists are Austin Mace of SubVRsive, Jim Geduldick of GoPro and Sarah […]

A Kindle Fire Fan’s First Impressions of the Nexus 7

This is one gorgeous slab of gadget. Right out of the box, the Google Nexus 7 seemed like a new breed of 7-inch cat. Slim, smart, with a soft back, and just slightly lighter than the Kindle Fire. I knew it would be like this. The Fire was introduced almost 10 months ago, and it’s […]