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Publishers Getting the Most Out of Goodreads: Hear Their Success Stories – Liveblog at #BEA16

Patrick Brown, director of author marketing at Goodreads, and Laura Clark, senior director of marketing, communications & audience development at St. Martin’s Press…

TKC 353 Robert Martin at NMX

Director of the Isaacson School for New Media, Colorado Mountain College Presentation starts at 5:32 and ends at 43:55 In the 1930s, Walter Benjamin wrote, “The illiterate of the future will not be the man who cannot read the alphabet but the one who cannot take a photograph.” I mean could this guy see far ahead, or […]

TKC 330 Otis Chandler

Co-founder and CEO of Goodreads Interview starts at 22:02 The world is really moving fast towards mobile, and Goodreads is no exception. We’ve seen huge adoption of our mobile products this year, and we’ve innovated a lot on our mobile web, particularly our iOS app. Intro The music and blog of my talented niece, Fran Betlyon News […]

TKC 277 Otis Chandler

  Cofounder and CEO of Goodreads Interview Starts at 22:29 The thing I’ve been most impressed by is the level of enthusiasm and support and excitement that the Amazon teams and the Lab126 team who makes the Kindles have shown for this project. It literally would not have been done without this level of enthusiasm and […]

Software Update 3.1 Released for Kindle Fire HDX and HD

Amazon this morning has announced an important software update for the new Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX. It includes “deep integration with Goodreads,” according to the press release. “For the first time, Goodreads is integrated directly into the reading experience, so there’s no need to leave a book and open a Goodreads app,” […]

An Author’s Guide to Goodreads at BookExpo America – Liveblog

Next up: Patrick Brown, director of author marketing at Goodreads, and Bella Andre, author of Always on My Mind: The Sullivans . Patrick has run customer service at Goodreads, now focuses on helping authors find books via Goodreads. Bella Andre wrote for three traditional publishers and in 2010 began publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing. She has […]

Patrick Brown of GoodReads -Liveblog from BookExpo America

“I thought I would get this out of the way early,” Patrick Brown says to laughter as a slide appears stating “Goodreads & Amazon.” He is beginning a session on how authors can use Goodreads. He reaffirms CEO Otis Chandler’s promise that Goodreads is for all readers, no matter how you read. “That is going […]

Otis Chandler tells publishing audience he feels “blessed” to have Amazon’s support and backing for Goodreads

Otis Chandler, cofounder and CEO of Goodreads and now officially an employee of Amazon, was not shy today in expressing his enthusiasm for what the Amazon acquisition of his and his wife’s creation will mean for the future. “I feel very blessed to have Amazon’s support and backing going forward,” he told a large gathering […]

All-Star Program On Tap Next Week for IDPF Digital Book 2013 in NYC

I plan to liveblog presentations by Otis Chandler, cofounder and CEO of Goodreads, and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell on Wednesday, May 29th in New York City. They are the headliners for IDPF Digital Book 2013, an event that will take place in conjunction with BookExpo America at the cavernous Javits Center, located on 11th Avenue between […]

Otis Chandler Inteview – Video Excerpt

I wasn’t able to record video of my entire conversation with Otis Chandler on April 11, 2013, because the Skype connection was dropping out, and I wanted to preserve as much audio quality as possible for use on the podcast. This video captures the first few minutes of the interview. For the complete interview with […]