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TKC 83 Stephen Windwalker

News – Amazon releases the Kindle for BlackBerry app. Lance Ulanoff worries about the screen size. Motoko Rich of The New York Times gets a scoop: Perhaps rumors of Apple’s opposition to discounted prices for bestsellers was a tad exaggerated?

Tech Tip – How NOT to uninstall your screensaver and fonts apps in order to update your Kindle 2 to the new 2.3.3 . I make some errors and am rescued by a member of KindleBoards, who pointed me to this folder of up-to-date tools for installing and uninstalling hacks. Thank you, Heather!

Interview – Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation is the third-bestselling blog at the Kindle Store. He’s also just released a new, comprehensive survey of Kindle Nation citizens, which has information the major publishers AND Amazon ought to be paying attention to. I interviewed Steve in person on Feburary 17, 2010, in Arlington, Mass.

Content – EduKindle creator Will DeLamater is beta-testing a new tool for creating content for the Kindle with Wikipedia and other sources. It’s named eReadUps and you can submit a request to become a beta tester. Nice!

Comments – Richard Fischer, Heather Hollick, Marie Sotiriou with a podcast recommendation, Maurice Lawles, Bob Anderson, Brian Rupert, Craig Scarberry, Sean, and Bruce Kessel.

HOW TO WIN A KINDLE AND ACCESSORY – Click here to check out out my new Facebook “Reading Edge” page. If you become a fan, you will automatically be entered to win a 6-inch Kindle and one accessory from Octovo. The drawing will take place at noon Mountain Time on April 1, 2010. Thanks to Octovo for sponsoring this contest!

ONE MORE THING…. With this episode, I’m announcing that a fan of the podcasts on my Reading Edge Facebook page, Sergeant Andre B. Corbin, will be taking a complimentary Kindle and accessories with him when he deploys for active duty with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan next month, courtesy of M-Edge Accessories. I saw that Andre had expressed the hope he’d win the Octovo drawing for the Kindle on April 1st (see above), so I contacted Patrick Mish, CEO of M-Edge Accessories, to see if his company might be interested in donating a Kindle and accessories for Andre. Patrick quickly agreed, and they are working with Andre on the details, which I’ll have for you next week. Congratulations Andre, and thank you for your service!

TKC 68 Karen Oland

News – More information, via FierceWireless, on Amazon’s parting from Sprint for Kindle wireless coverage (except for the DX), and Andrei Pushkin’s reasoning on why we probably won’t be seeing new wirelessly transmitted Kindle firmware updates any time soon.

Tech Tip – Via listener Mike Detlefsen, a handy way to find out at Amazon when a book was published, and an additional resource for similar information, Fantastic Fiction. Also, Andrei Pushkin updates his Unicode Font Hack for the Kindle International, and Al MacDiarmid turns me on to a font-enlarging hack from Ted Inoue.

Interview – Karen Oland of Books on the Knob highlights some non-Amazon sources for Kindle content, including Baen Books, Fictionwise, and Smashwords. Click here to subscribe to Karen’s blog on your Kindle.

Content – Sudoko for your Kindle from MobileReference, and a Kindle crossword puzzle from Puzux, “the first company to bring quality interactive content to Amazon’s Kindle.” For a look at what these offerings may foretell, I’m singing, “What’s it all about, Abhi?”

Comments – Steve Shank, Rick Askenase, Will DeLamater with a question from the Kindle Educators Group, Jim Jones, and Mike Detlefsen. Also worth checking out: Will DeLamater’s thoughts on last week’s interview with Michael Koenig of the Darden School of Business.

Cambridge Meetup Scheduled – Please email me at PodChronicles AT Gmail if you can attend a Kindle Chronicles meetup Wednesday, November 11, at 2 p.m., probably at Darwins Ltd. in Cambridge, at 148 Mt. Auburn St.

TKC 48 Will DeLamater

News – Jeff Bezos talks strategy. The DX survives a 30-inch drop AND sells out in the first three days. BYU chickens out of an innovative Kindle interlibrary loan program Tech Tip –  Via Andrei Pushkin, how to turn your Kindle DX into a calculator. (My interview with Andrei in Episode 42.) Interview – Will […]