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TKC 426 Andrew Richard Albanese

Senior Writer and Features Editor at Publishers Weekly Interview ‪starts at 18:17 and ends at 41:59 The fact that we have rapidly declining eBook sales from major publishers and that we see for two years running now in the Pew surveys that eBook readership is not growing is stunning, considering the vast offerings that are now […]

TKC 370 Mike Reeves-McMillan

Author of The Well-Presented Manuscript   Interview starts at 12:13 and ends at 42:27   There are some wonderful stories that I just can’t enjoy, because the author has done such a poor job with the language.  One of the reasons that I wanted to write The Well-Presented Manuscript was selfishly to increase my own […]

TKC 232 Seth Godin

Author of The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? Interview Starts at 21:15 Walking through Union Square Market in New York or in an airport, no one comes up to me and says, “I read Free Prize Inside–it increased sales of Clorox by two percent” and then gives me a hug…not even in my dreams. I’m […]

TKC 228 Jeremy Greenfield

Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director, Digital Book World  Interview Starts at 17:19 I think publishers right now are focused more on their authors and more on authors in general than they have been in a little while, because they realize that they’re not the only game in town any more. Aside from competing with each other […]

TKC 215 Sri Peruvemba

News – My thoughts on the Kindle Fire HD 7″ on the topics of audio quality, size, the new and improved Text To Speech lady, WhisperSync for Voice, and Immersion Reading. Also: a quick look at $69 Kindle, an eBook price war launched by Amazon, Mike Shatzkin’s praise of Amazon and thoughts on eBook pricing, and a big boost […]