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TKC 487 Bradley Metrock

CEO of Score Publishing, producer of Digital Book World 2018 Interview starts at 15:44 and ends at 43:43 “The Echo Show is an incredible glimpse into the future, because the future is going to be words come out of your mouth, and that’s how you engage the computer rather than typing on a QWERTY keyboard […]

TKC 444 Thad McIlroy

President of The Future of Publishing Interview starts at 8:19 and ends at 44:04 I’m convinced that if you want to retain your job in publishing moving forward, unless you’re demonstrably technology adept, you’re going to lose your job. Yeah, there’s room for 100 amazing editors who can’t even use a computer, but that’s not […]

TKC 339 Seth Godin at Digital Book World

Author, entrepreneur, maker of ruckuses Interview starts at 4:33 and ends at 14:50. Paper books are going to gradually and painfully and very, very slowly disappear. They’re going to become like LP’s. One by one the bookstores are going to go away, and then one by one the kids that grow up reading all the […]

TKC 285 Keith Mastorides

Principal at Clearwater High School in Clearwater, Florida Interview Starts at 24:02 I think eventually what you’ll see is the school will buy X number of devices for those that don’t have or can’t afford them, and then kids will be bringing their own devices, so it will be a blend. I really see that happening, […]

TKC 238 Jeremy Greenfield

Editorial Director, Digital Book World Interview Starts at 18:15 QED stands for Quality, Excellence, Design and essentially it’s the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for eBooks and digital book production … Not all eBooks are created the same. Obviously the words are different, and the stories are different, but the formatting is also different. Some of them […]

TKC 232 Seth Godin

Author of The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? Interview Starts at 21:15 Walking through Union Square Market in New York or in an airport, no one comes up to me and says, “I read Free Prize Inside–it increased sales of Clorox by two percent” and then gives me a hug…not even in my dreams. I’m […]

TKC 228 Jeremy Greenfield

Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director, Digital Book World  Interview Starts at 17:19 I think publishers right now are focused more on their authors and more on authors in general than they have been in a little while, because they realize that they’re not the only game in town any more. Aside from competing with each other […]

Cross-Post from Kindle Nation Daily: My Interview with Digital Book World’s Jeremy Greenfield

July 17, 2012 By LEN EDGERLY, Contributing Editor Jeremy Greenfield is surprised by how much his new beat, the book publishing industry, seems like a war zone. He has been at it for nine months now as editorial director of Digital Book World, whose mission is “Digital Publishing News for the 21st Century.” He brought with […]

TKC 206 Jeremy Greenfield

News – 1) Via Andrys Basten and DigiTimes, news of a possible delay in launch of the next E Ink Kindle.  2) The Financial Times publishes a five-part series analyzing Amazon, and the main author, Barney Jopson, is Tom Ashbrook’s guest for an “On Point” appearance. Some pretty strange ideas thus gain some traction. 3) Jon Cog finds […]

Vote Early and Often for eBooks!

I am gratified to see that “eBooks” is in the lead for the preferred way to spell digital books in a poll still running today at Digital Book World. Jeremy Greenfield posed the question to readers in a post dated May 25th. He admitted to not feeling quite right about Digital Book World’s current hyphenated […]