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TKC 452 Timothy DeLizza

Author of “Jerry (from accounting)” Interview starts at 14:56 and ends at 45:09 I love what Amazon is doing in terms of giving access to a platform in a kind of populist way. I think that is incredibly helpful. I think the distribution is amazing. It creates new readers. I love the $2 price point […]

TKC 391 Morgan Parker

Editor of Amazon’s Little A imprint and Day One magazine Interview starts at 18:03 and ends at 42:20 A lot of editors across Amazon Publishing kind of have their hands in Day One. Everyone’s really excited about it and dedicated to discovering these new voices and finding opportunities for new writers. (Photo by Rachel Eliza […]

TKC 276 Carmen Johnson

Editor of Day One   Interview Starts at 19:16 I’m looking to be moved. I’m looking for something that’s entertaining. When I read something, I read it through the eyes of any other reader. I put myself in the perspective of the person getting the story delivered on their Kindle, and they’re thinking, “OK, great. What’s my story […]