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TKC 453 Bufo Calvin in Virtual Reality

Creator of I Love My Kindle and The Measured Circle Interview starts at 6:14 and ends at 43:10 “It would also be able to know what your preferences are–that’s one of the biggest things about what we’ll see eventually with Virtual Reality. So for myself as a vegetarian, I could walk down that virtual aisle […]

TKC 429 Bufo Calvin

Bufo Calvin is the creator of the I Love My Kindle blog and The Measured Circle’s Geek Time Trip Interview starts at 9:49 and ends at 36:45 If you want to watch “Devil Girl from Mars” you can go and watch it on this site. What’s happening so far is that I’m having a great time […]

TKC 392 Kindle Blogger Bufo Calvin

Bufo Calvin is the creator of the I Love My Kindle blog   Interview starts at 10:46 and ends at 44:02 If people were evolving away from reading long-form reading, we would not have series. But right now people will say, “Oh yes, that’s great. It’s a 200-page book, but I want a thousand pages about this character. So I […]

TKC 75 Kris Kindle & Bufo Calvin

This is a special, abbreviated edition of the podcast featuring an interview with Kris Kindle, courtesy of Bufo Calvin, who, for his part, offers a list of terrific tips for anyone who will be learning how to use the Kindle this week because one arrived as a gift.

Here is my own suggestion: consider buying a Kindle subscription to Bufo’s ILMK blog, which offers a steady supply of highly original and useful information about the Kindle. He has also authored two books available in Kindle editions, Free Books for Your Kindle and Frequently Asked Kindle Questions.

In our phone conversation on Wednesday, December 23rd, Bufo also mentions his latest creation, 221B Blog Street: The Adventures of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson…one chapter a day! If you subscribe to that one, you will receive a new chapter of a Sherlock Holmes short story or chapter of a novel each day directly to your Kindle, a recreation of the serial publishing era.

Next week my wife, Darlene, and I will return to Denver for a while. Her press credentials for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) have been approved, so she will be joining me for coverage of the show in Las Vegas next month.

Thanks for listening, and I hope your new year brings many good reads on your Kindle.