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TKC 484 Carlina Duan

Author of I Wore My Blackest Hair Interview starts at 12:34 and ends at 39:39 “I’m not sure about the future of Amazon [Publishing] in the literary world at large. I do think that for my book it’s been really interesting working with them and being able to answer those questions [about audience] and also […]

TKC 273 Brad Stone

Author of The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon Interview Starts at 22:04 I see him [Jeff Bezos] being very actively involved in Amazon for many years. His goal is to build a lasting company, and it’s now so diversified a company it’s not quite clear anybody else can run it. And from everything […]

TKC 272 Wilson Rothman

Technology and Science Editor at NBC News Digital  Interview Starts at 17:49 I really do think that these retina display type of devices are the future for reading everywhere except maybe out of doors. I still think a Paperwhite is great for outdoors. I mean, the Paperwhite’s amazing. But the Nexus 7 and the Kindle HDX […]

TKC 194 Doug Lance

News – 1) More commentary on the Department of Justice’s antitrust action against Apple and five publishers over e-book price collusion: Brad Stone and Felix Gillette in Bloomberg Business Week, Mike Shatzkin, and Stephen Windwalker.  2) Kindle Touch 3G goes worldwide sooner than expected, via Andrys Basten. Tech Tip – A comparison of Audible audiobooks […]

TKC 186 Brad Stone

News – 1) As reported by The New York Times and Publishers Weekly, Amazon removes thousands of books distributed by the Independent Publishers Group (IPG) in a showdown over terms of a contract renewal. 2) In a count of books sold and borrowed during a single week in Canada, ebooks accounted for 10 percent of the […]

TKC 182 Eric Loss

News – 1) Amazon’s Russ Grandinetti tells a publishers’ audience at Digital Book World that early data indicate the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is boosting customer purchases of books by authors whose work is available in the library. Laura Hazard Owen has the story. 2) NBC is proud as a peacock over its new e-book venture, NBC […]

TKC 80 Brad Stone

News – Amazon beats expectations by reporting a whopping 71-percent increase in net income for the fourth quarter of 2009 and offers its first-ever information on how many Kindles the company has sold. Apple presents to the world its gorgeous tablet, the iPad. In the long-running soap opera known as “Who Will Kill the Kindle?” Steve Jobs’s presentation had plenty of pundits declaring “game over.” Not so much on Wall Street, or among four leading Kindle bloggers – Andrys Basten, Stephen Windwalker, Abhi, and Bufo Calvin.

Tech Tip – How to keep track on your Kindle of words you’ve looked up using the built-in Oxford American Dictionary or another dictionary which you’ve set to the default dictionary.

Interview – Brad Stone, New York Times technology reporter in San Francisco, is one of the lucky few who not only touched but had a chance to try out an iPad at Apple’s debut extravaganza on January 27. I spoke with him that night about his impressions of Apple’s new creation, and about what he thinks the impact will be on the Kindle and other dedicated eReaders. This episode contains the first portion of our conversation. The conclusion is posted here, at my new companion podcast, The Reading Edge.

Content – Harvard Business Review and Amazon launch an innovative use of the Kindle Store, selling HBR titles by chapters as Short Cuts. I sampled the $3.16 book summary of The Innovator’s Dilemma: Why New Technologies Cause Great Companies to Fail, by HBS Professor Clayton M. Christensen.

Comments – Because of the volume of terrific comments prompted by the release of the iPad, I have created a separate episode for the comments this week. Click here to hear from Pastor Mark Pierce, Mary McManus, Bob Anderson, Jim Jones, Kipp Poe, Jean Remple, Marie Sotiriou, Dan Meyers, John Halkias, Candy Yates, and Stace Wile.

TKC 62 Brad Stone

News – iRex Technologies teams up with Best Buy and Verizon to form the newest challenge to the Kindle’s dominance of eBooks. Engadget gets its hands on an iRex DR800SG and is not impressed. Other smart commentary here and here. Meanwhile, Amazon announces the winner of its Your Amazon Ad Contest. Click here to watch the whimsical “Kindlicious” video that won $20,000 in Amazon gift cards for Angela Kohler.

Tech Tip – Another handy little keyboard gem from Andrys Basten of Kindle World.

Interview – Brad Stone, technology reporter in The New York Times’s San Francisco bureau, talks about secrecy at Apple and Amazon, Dan Brown, a Kindle developer apps store, and the brilliant description his 22-year-old daughter had of his Kindle recently.

Content – Jan Zlendich of Kindle Reader highlights a promising list of new historical fiction titles for the Kindle.

Comments – Mary McManus on True Compass, Al MacDiarmid on Adrienne Cousins’s cool set of web links for the Kindle, and Len Charnoff on the mysterious 2.0.3 firmware update to the Kindle 2.