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TKC 487 Bradley Metrock

CEO of Score Publishing, producer of Digital Book World 2018 Interview starts at 15:44 and ends at 43:43 “The Echo Show is an incredible glimpse into the future, because the future is going to be words come out of your mouth, and that’s how you engage the computer rather than typing on a QWERTY keyboard […]

TKC 383 Bruce Jones

Graphic designer, author, product developer and workshop presenter   Interview starts at 14:57 and ends at 44:47 So whatever you do, you build products that relate to the knowledge that you have, and the two can feed each other, and you can do them in the same space. News “Take your tablet to bed: Amazon […]

TKC 196 Dr. Temple Grandin

News – 1) The announcement of Microsoft’s $605 million investment in as-yet-unnamed Barnes & Noble entity sparks some far-out reaction.  2) The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is pretty cool for reading in bed, but in my opinion what it lacks in sophisticated reading tools available on the Kindle Touch far outweighs the innovative built-in […]

TKC 171 Lance Ulanoff

News – 1) Barnes & Noble announces its new Nook Tablet at an NYC press conference on November 7. Click here for Mashable’s analysis by Lance Ulanoff and here for the Nook Tablet video. Amazon’s PR Department had a busy week, sending out press releases touting the Kindle Fire’s wide selection of apps as well […]

TKC 65 Stefaan van Gerven

News – Google Editions is coming to a cloud near you, by June 2010. Click here for Abhi’s analysis. A Kindle DX – International is also coming, sometime next year. Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney revises his Kindle sales estimates upward. Brett Arends of the Wall Street Journal, bucking the conventional wisdom, argues for a sell on Amazon and a buy on Barnes & Noble.

Tech Tip – Courtesy of Mike Detlefsen, you might try Bookit, a FireFox plug-in that enables you to create eBooks with Calibre. Not that I could get it to work, but you may be more successful.

Interview – Stefaan van Gerven is product manager for embedded speech at Nuance Communications, which provides the Text to Speech capability of the Kindle 2 and DX. I spoke with him in Belgium via Skype and phone on October 13, 2009 . He tells how embedded speech works. As a footnote, I discovered that my Kindle DX can pronounce Obama’s name correctly, but the Kindle 2 can’t.

Content – Check out Books on the Knob for bargain Kindle books and lots more.

Comments – Warwick Head on Oberon Design, James Garland, ProlificProgrammer, and Rick Askenase on Disney Digital Books.