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Why I Returned to iPhone from Amazon’s Fire

1. Meerkat At South by Southwest Interactive, Meerkat was The Thing. The buzzing of the early adopters was electric. Yes, I would be able to try it with my iPad mini when I returned to Denver, but who wants to lug something that big around for spontaneous video livestreaming? Meerkat, and now Periscope, have added a whole […]

TKC 333 Richard Hollick

Author of the Making Book blog  Interview starts at 21:05 What I’ve decided is going on in publishing is that genre fiction, however widely you want to define that, sort of entertainment books, are basically going to go down the eBook/indie author road. Of course the big publishers won’t want to give it up, and […]

TKC 217 James McQuivey

News – 1)  Via Eolake Stobblehouse, news that the U.K. Kindle Store lists Kindle Fire HD 7″ without Text to Speech. 2) DigiTimes reports shipment delays for the Kindle Paperwhite. 3) Wal-Mart stops carrying the Kindle. 4) Barnes & Noble introduces its new Nooks. Tech Tip – Q&A on WhisperSync for Voice and Immersion Reading. More on […]

Behind the eBook News: A 56-Page Must-Read Judge’s Order

I just finished reading U.S. District Judge Denise Cote’s 56-page opinion and order in the eBooks class action lawsuit filed against Apple and five Defendant Publishers. Click here for the PDF.  Some of it is writing only a legal beagle could follow, but surprisingly long sections read like a novel or a well-written Harvard Business […]

United States v. Apple and the Big Publishers

Click here for the 36-page complaint filed today by the Department of Justice against Apple and five major publishers charged with conspiring to fix e-book prices. It’s a PDF file that you can email to your Kindle(s) for a close read. I will be studying it this week as I prepare TKC 193, but at […]

TKC 181 Catherine MacDonald

News – 1) OverDrive reports tremendous growth in borrowing of e-books at public libraries and schools during 2011.  2) Apple makes a bold move into the e-textbooks market. John Gruber and others ponder the fine print of the End User License Agreement, which contains language restricting what you can do with an iBook that you […]

TKC 151 Susan Orlean

News – 1) The Kindle could account for 10 percent of Amazon’s total revenue next year, a top financial analyst opines. 2) The Great Kindle Sunshine Deals sale is chasing away the high-cost-ebook blues.  3) Apple blinks, sort of. Tech Tip – Text-to-speech controls only a Mother could love? Not really, but in a special […]

TKC 80 Brad Stone

News – Amazon beats expectations by reporting a whopping 71-percent increase in net income for the fourth quarter of 2009 and offers its first-ever information on how many Kindles the company has sold. Apple presents to the world its gorgeous tablet, the iPad. In the long-running soap opera known as “Who Will Kill the Kindle?” Steve Jobs’s presentation had plenty of pundits declaring “game over.” Not so much on Wall Street, or among four leading Kindle bloggers – Andrys Basten, Stephen Windwalker, Abhi, and Bufo Calvin.

Tech Tip – How to keep track on your Kindle of words you’ve looked up using the built-in Oxford American Dictionary or another dictionary which you’ve set to the default dictionary.

Interview – Brad Stone, New York Times technology reporter in San Francisco, is one of the lucky few who not only touched but had a chance to try out an iPad at Apple’s debut extravaganza on January 27. I spoke with him that night about his impressions of Apple’s new creation, and about what he thinks the impact will be on the Kindle and other dedicated eReaders. This episode contains the first portion of our conversation. The conclusion is posted here, at my new companion podcast, The Reading Edge.

Content – Harvard Business Review and Amazon launch an innovative use of the Kindle Store, selling HBR titles by chapters as Short Cuts. I sampled the $3.16 book summary of The Innovator’s Dilemma: Why New Technologies Cause Great Companies to Fail, by HBS Professor Clayton M. Christensen.

Comments – Because of the volume of terrific comments prompted by the release of the iPad, I have created a separate episode for the comments this week. Click here to hear from Pastor Mark Pierce, Mary McManus, Bob Anderson, Jim Jones, Kipp Poe, Jean Remple, Marie Sotiriou, Dan Meyers, John Halkias, Candy Yates, and Stace Wile.

TKC 80a Your Comments on iPad

I’ve been reading nonstop this week about the iPad’s impact on the Kindle and eReaders, and some of the smartest commentary so far comes from listeners of The Kindle Chronicles.

So this is a special episode comprising just your comments. Many thanks to those who joined the conversation, namely Pastor Mark Pierce, Mary McManus, Bob Anderson, Jim Jones (in photo at right), Kipp Poe, Jean Remple, Marie Sotiriou, Dan Meyers, John Halkias, Candy Yates, and Stace Wile.

There’s more to be said, so please feel free to email me at PodChronicles AT Gmail DOT com, or leave a comment here on the show notes page. You can also leave an audio comment by calling 206-666-2713.

You might be interested in a Wired.com article titled “Apple iPad Raises the Stakes for eReaders” by Priya Ganapati. I’m proud to be quoted by her as a die-hard e-reader fan, and I thought she did a good job reporting a complex story in a fair way.

TKC 79 Seth Harwood

News – Amazon announces it will open the Kindle to application developers. Abhi has some ideas on good candidates. Authors and publishers using the Digital Text Platform for Kindle will get a sweeter deal as of June 30. David Pogue goes ballistic when his daughter discovers that Barnes & Noble has been lying about the true weight of the nook. Stephen Windwalker’s homerun headline on the matter (and his savvy take on the DTP change.) Amazon’s Kindle marketing department comes up with the equivalent of free beer.

Tech Tip – Via listener Bill Carson, a tip for sharing web content with someone in a place like, say, China, where not everything is available the way it is in the U.S.

Interview – Seth Harwood talks about his experimental and successful journey via podcasting to publication of his crime novel, Jack Wakes Up, and his new collection of well-honed stories available in Kindle edition, A Long Way from Disney.

Content – Via Jean Remple, a great explanation in The Times of Apple’s whatever-it-is, to be revealed next week. Two new Kindle books worth checking out: One Way Journey by Dean Whitbread and Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business by Steve Garfield.

And your comments…