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TKC 395 Author David Denby

Author of Lit Up: One Reporter. Three Schools. Twenty-four Books That Can Change Lives   Interview starts at 14:49 and ends at 42:07 You worry about the next generation of readers. Is literature going to survive? It seems to be surviving at the moment, but the iPhone has been around since 2007, and the way […]

TKC 387 Jim Milliot

Editorial Director at Publishers Weekly Interview starts at 16:57 and ends at 44:32 It’s far from the death of eBooks. eBooks are a permanent part of the publishing industry, for sure. But what’s the next innovation? What’s the next mover? What’s going to come along to jumpstart it again? Publishers acknowledge that all you’ve really done […]

TKC 251 Kevin Franco

President and Cofounder of Enthrill  Interview Starts at 19:27 Our system really will reward stores for doing what they do best, and that’s getting customers interested in books. We’re the only true answer for discovery for eBooks that doesn’t deal with metadata. Our discovery tools are all physical, and right back to the reason that you […]