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TKC 391 Morgan Parker

Editor of Amazon’s Little A imprint and Day One magazine Interview starts at 18:03 and ends at 42:20 A lot of editors across Amazon Publishing kind of have their hands in Day One. Everyone’s really excited about it and dedicated to discovering these new voices and finding opportunities for new writers. (Photo by Rachel Eliza […]

TKC 354 Craig Lambert on Shadow Work

Author ofShadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs That Fill Your Day Interview starts at 21:13 and ends at 39:30 Becoming aware of shadow work enables us to prune away some of the clutter in our lives. Take, for example, surveys—the inundation of our time with surveys, requests for surveys. It seems you can’t buy anything […]

TKC 337 Russ Grandinetti at Digital Book World

Amazon’s senior vice president for Kindle We can all observe the fact that in every single digital media category subscriptions is playing an important role—in music, in movies, in newspapers—you cannot find a digital medium where subscription isn’t a model that succeeds at some level, and I don’t think books will be immune to this. […]

TKC 304 Ed Park

Senior Editor for Literary Fiction at Amazon Publishing Interview starts at 10:22  One of the things when I was teaching is I would have these students who had a lot of promise, and I would encourage them. I would try to find magazine editors or agents for them on occasion. But what if I could […]

TKC 294 Kevin Eagan

Founder and Editor of Critical Margins blog and podcast Interview starts at 14:16 I want people to see online content as something that’s in flux. We have such a great opportunity right now for people to see us as human beings, right? That we are content producers who are figuring it out as we go, basically. And […]

Here’s the Second Batch of Kindle First Advance Copies – Free for Amazon Prime Members

Happy December 1st! I just checked, and Amazon Publishing has already posted four new “Kindle First” advance copies of books it will officially publish in a month. If you are an Amazon Prime member (if not, why not?), you can choose one of them for free. Without Prime, the selection will cost you $1.99. Amazon […]

TKC 278 Jeff Belle

Vice President of Amazon Publishing Interview Starts at 18:11 Kindle First is a little bit book club and a little bit advance copy distribution, and I think we’re off to a good start on this. Success over time would mean creating a larger conversation about the books, expanding the audience for each author in the program, seeing […]

TKC 268 Nancy Pearl

Creator of the Book Lust Rediscoveries Series at Amazon Publishing Interview Starts at 18:01 These books in the Rediscoveries series, they have very little in common, if anything, in terms of plot. They have very little in common in terms of setting. There are going to be two books set in Montana, but everything else is–who knows […]

Not Just Another Jeff B – Amazon Publishing VP Jeff Belle on “Virtual Water Cooler” : Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily link (Note from Stephen Windwalker: Longtime Kindle Nation readers may remember Jeff Belle as one of the first sponsors of Kindle Nation Daily way back in September 2010 with his debut novella, ‘Carlos The Impossible’ — “a ‘Ferdinand’ for grown-ups … a sort of love story: part tall tale, part sad, […]

TKC 209 Nancy Pearl

News – Since I created this episode earlier in the week than usual, I’m not including news that might be stale by Friday. Tech Tips – Why you might, from time to time, find that a book published through Kindle Direct Publishing has a smaller font than you’re used to. Also, an update on a persistent […]