TKC 337 Russ Grandinetti at Digital Book World

Grandinetti at DBW

Amazon’s senior vice president for Kindle

We can all observe the fact that in every single digital media category subscriptions is playing an important role—in music, in movies, in newspapers—you cannot find a digital medium where subscription isn’t a model that succeeds at some level, and I don’t think books will be immune to this. Immune is even the wrong word, because it makes it sound like they’re necessarily a bad thing, and I don’t think that’s true. So what we need to do is think about how subscription can be a great value for the customers who participate but grow the business and be incremental to it.

Digital Book World 2015 agenda

“Kindle Head Russ Grandinetti Offers the View from Amazon at Digital Book World 2015” at Digital Book World – January 14, 2015

My liveblog of Russ Grandinetti’s presentation at Digital Book World

“Russ Grandinetti: Consumers Spend More on eBooks After Joining Kindle Unlimited” by Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader – January 14, 2015

“Amazon is the Reader’s Friend,” a debate on January 15, 2015, to be hosted by Intelligence Squared at the Kaufman Center, 129 West 67th Street in New York

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Apple’s iBooks Director at Digital Book World: Liveblog

Next up (at 11:35 am EST) at Digital Book World is Keith Moerer, director of Apple’s iBooks Store. He will be interviewed by Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch.

The DBW program says the iBooks Store is the second largest bookseller in the world, but I happen to be sitting at a table with an expert who says otherwise. Thad McIlroy, author of The Future of Publishing, says Nook still has a 17 percent share of the eBook market, though that is dwindling quickly and will probably disappear completely in Thad’s view. He puts the iBooks share at 10 percent. Kindle is more than 60 percent.

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Ken Auletta at Digital Book World: Liveblog

Ken Auletta, who will moderate a hot panel later today titled “Should Amazon be Constrained and Can They Be?”, is up next with his own presentation, titled : “Publishing and Other Media in a World of Engineers.”

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Seth Godin at Digital Book World – Liveblog

Seth GodinLegendary big thinking marketer and author Seth Godin takes the stage at Digital Book world, for a conversation with Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch, and Mike Shatzkin, founder and CEO of The Idea Logical Company.

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I hope to catch Seth Godin after the panel for a brief interview that will be included in next week’s Kindle Chronicles podcast. Enjoy!

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Blue Sky for eBooks at Digital Book World – Liveblog

IMG_20150114_161100This is the last panel of the day that I will liveblog at Digital Book World. I stepped into the room just in time to hear a favorite big thinker, Peter Meyers, author of Breaking the Page.

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Separating Hope from Hype on Book Subscriptions – Liveblog

Here’s a panel at Digital Book World titled “Subscriptions for eBooks: How is it working out?” We will hear from Scribd, Oyster and two publishers using them. No one is here representing Kindle Unlimited from Amazon.


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Russ Grandinetti at Digital Book World – Liveblog

16093247218_a5fc9cddc6_bThese are the contemporaneous notes I posted during Amazon Sr VP Kindle Russ Grandinetti’s just-concluded presentation at Digital Book World. Grandinetti was interviewed on stage by Mike Shatzkin, chair of the conference and founder and CEO of The Idea Logical Company, and by Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch.

It was a substantive conversation lasting about a half hour, and the audience appeared to be listening very carefully. These folks are mainly from the publishing business, and sentiment in the room tends toward a mix of suspicion, fear, and perhaps loathing of Amazon. Nonetheless, there was a polite ripple of applause lasting maybe five seconds at the end of the panel. Grandinetti exited quickly, stage right, for another meeting, and I believe he’s flying back to Seattle today after flying all the way here to New York this morning.

In my opinion, it was a good use of his time, to present his views about publishing to an influential audience of publishing folk. I’m biased, of course, but I think anyone tuning into this discussion would have realized that Amazon’s top Kindle guy knows the book business pretty well and has not yet accepted that we’ve reached the end of changes and disruption in publishing. As Amazon execs up to and including Jeff Bezos like to say when someone presses for information about what’s ahead, “Stay tuned.”

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How the New York Times Uses Data in Newsroom – liveblog

James Robinson, director of news analytics for The New York Times at Digital Book World. Click on headline of this post to see updates.

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Houghton Mifflin CEO — liveblog

LInda Zecher, CEO of Houghton Mifflin, addresses Digital Book World in an interview with Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch.

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Digital Book World Begins – Liveblog

IMG_20150114_084743Good morning from the NY Hilton Midtown, where Digital Book World is about to begin. DBW Impresario Mike Shatzkin just announced that, because of the long line downstairs at registration, the welcome remarks will be delayed until 9 am EST.

I will liveblog a number of sessions today and tomorrow. Russ Grandinetti, Amazon’s senior vice president for Kindle content, will take one of the three chairs you see in the photo later this morning for a session titled “Amazon and the Book Business.” With him will be Shatzkin and Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch.

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