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Virtual Reality: From Empathy to Action – Liveblog at SXSW

Is Virtual Reality “the empathy machine?” That’s one of the ways people try to describe the immersive quality of VR headsets, which look really dumb from the outside but present compelling views in all directions when you are wearing them. Panelists for this session at the JW Marriott are Allison Arden, VP and Publisher of […]

Is VR the Ultimate Empathy Machine for 360 Storytelling? SXSW Liveblog

Another big crowd gathers for a Virtual Reality tour. This one is titled “Ultimate Empathy Machine: 360 Storytelling in VR and it features as one of the panelists a big gun from Google. Andrey Doronichev is Google’s product manager for VR apps. Other panelists are Austin Mace of SubVRsive, Jim Geduldick of GoPro and Sarah […]

Warm Pretzels and Ice Cream in the Comcast Lounge at SXSW

Good morning, South By! The photo above was taken during my earlier work session today in the official South by Southwest “Press Suite.” It’s a zendo compared with where I’m typing now–in the thick-carpeted Comcast social media lounge, where jumbo soft pretzels and ice cream sandwiches are on offer, plus decent coffee and recorded music […]