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Why I Returned to iPhone from Amazon’s Fire

1. Meerkat At South by Southwest Interactive, Meerkat was The Thing. The buzzing of the early adopters was electric. Yes, I would be able to try it with my iPad mini when I returned to Denver, but who wants to lug something that big around for spontaneous video livestreaming? Meerkat, and now Periscope, have added a whole […]

TKC 346 Eric Migicovsky at SXSW

Founder and CEO of Pebble Technology Corp. Interview starts at 7:54 and ends at 19:50 What we found is that as long as you’re open, and the watch is an open platform, people will hack on it, people will build. So there’s actually a Windows Phone for Pebble, there’s a Blackberry app. I’ll have to […]

Serialized Fiction Panel at #SXSW15: Live Blog

Next up at South by Southwest, a panel about serialized fiction. There are a couple of folks from Plympton, a pioneer of the genre. And we’re off…

SXSW Liveblog: Publishing Innovation – Next Century Reading

Up next here at South by Southwest Interactive: a two-person panel comprising Ashleigh Gardner, head of writer and publisher partnerships at Wattpad, and Jason Hovey, vice president of business development at Booktrack. Naturally I will be interested to hear from Ashleigh Gardner, given my ongoing experiment at Wattpad. For comparison, I’ve also started a SXSW […]

Trying out Amazon’s new WriteOn at SXSW

At the McDonalds lounge, I set up a WriteOn journal that I plan to tend here at South By. The setup was easy, and the writing area is well-designed, very similar to that of Wattpad, which I’m also trying out with an extended essay titled “Time for a Change.” I need to leave time to […]

TKC 345 James McQuivey

Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Interview starts at 17:05 and ends at 40:13 I think the problem with the written word is that it is so easy to generate and—no disrespect to the best writers out there—but at least poorly constructed sentences are very easy to generate. It means that this is a […]