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Prescription Lenses with Google Glass? Here’s Hoping….

I took my Google Glass and frames to a LensCrafters Store in Denver tonight, hoping to get a quick turnaround on prescription lenses that would enable me to use Glass and see things as well as I do with my current, old-fashioned glasses. The lab manager, Chad Kell, and optician Ruben Nolasco came out in […]

Getting Things Done Better than Ever–with Siri

  I am a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach to getting and staying organized. In the past decade, I have attended two of his one-day seminars and read his book carefully at least twice. I got lots of things done using his rigorous, common-sense method. Eventually, though, I didn’t keep up with the Weekly Review sessions that […]

Mayday Demo on Kindle Fire HDX 7″

I tried Amazon’s revolutionary Mayday video tech support for the first time today using a review copy of the Kindle Fire HDX 7″. It’s simply fantastic. In this video, you will see a tech helper named Whitney walk me through a problem I had with my New Yorker subscription, which turns out not to be available […]

Up the Creek with a Kindle: Test of the Waterproof Waterfi Paperwhite

This video, which my wife Darlene filmed at Cherry Creek in Denver, shows what happens when you drop a Waterfi Kindle Paperwhite into a running stream. My longer, audio review of the Waterfi begins at 8:18 in Episode 254 of The Kindle Chronicles podcast, uploaded on June 14.

Here’s a Great Ball of Kindle Fire Audio!

This is the video version of my review of the Accessorise Bluetooth wireless portable speaker and how to use it with a Kindle Fire HD 7″ and 8.9″. If you are reading this on your E Ink Kindle as a subscription to my blog (thank you!), you won’t be able to play the video on your […]

Why I Love This Ball-Shaped External Speaker for My Kindle Fire

Send to Kindle For the past two months, I have been using an Accessorise (TM) Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker System for my Kindle Fire HD 7″. I bought it for $29.99, and it came with free shipping because I have the Amazon Prime membership. It’s a gorgeous little gizmo with a blue decorative band […]