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TKC 297 David P. Vandagriff

Attorney and Creator of The Passive Voice blog Interview starts at 17:13 In my opinion, any midlist author that sticks with a traditional publisher is crazy, because I personally know a number of formerly midlist traditionally publishing authors who are making a very, very nice living off of self-publishing now. We’re talking a 10-x increase […]

Peter Larsen to be featured at Amazon press event tomorrow in NYC

Amazon’s “Update on our video business” scheduled for tomorrow, April 2nd, at 11 a.m. in New York City, will feature not CEO Jeff Bezos but Peter Larsen, Vice President, Kindle. My guess is that Bezos will welcome media to the event, then turn details of Amazon’s new video initiative over to Larsen. If this were […]

Will Flash Boys Save Wall Street?

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael Lewis hit my Kindle Fire HDX 7″ sometime after midnight EDT, and it took an act of will for me not to spend the rest of the night reading it. I suspect there were plenty of business journalists and Wall Street movers and shakers who didn’t have […]

TKC 295 Austin Kleon

Author of Show Your Work: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered  Interview starts at 17:56 One of the things I always tell people is, “You’re not guaranteed a living from this. I think what you’re guaranteed is a life.” You can set up a life through this way of operating, but I do […]

TKC 294 Kevin Eagan

Founder and Editor of Critical Margins blog and podcast Interview starts at 14:16 I want people to see online content as something that’s in flux. We have such a great opportunity right now for people to see us as human beings, right? That we are content producers who are figuring it out as we go, basically. And […]

After the Interview: How Planned Questions Turn Out to be More Safety Net than Map

I just finished my Skype interview with Kevin Eagan, creator of the Critical Margins blog and podcast, for the next Kindle Chronicles episode. To follow up on last night’s post about my preparation for the interview, I thought I would share here the list of questions that I used during our 20-minute conversation. Here they are: […]

TKC 292 George Packer

Author of The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America  Interview starts at 5:55 I don’t have the view that you might have and that some of your listeners might have, which is that there’s something completely corrupt about traditional publishing or that it’s somehow stacked against all this talent out there that’s just waiting to be […]

$20 off Kindle and Paperwhite WiFi Today Only

In case you missed this, there is still time left today to buy a basic Kindle or a Paperwhite WiFi for $20 off. Amazon is celebrating National Reading Month with this sale. That means you can buy the basic Kindle for an astounding $49 with special offers, or for $69 without special offers. For the […]

TKC 291 Corina Koch MacLeod

Co-founder, with Carla Douglas, of Beyond Paper Editing Interview Starts at 19:52 You can take a document that you have purchased through Amazon–you can mark up all your annotations, and those are stored in the cloud, which is absolutely brilliant, because you can copy and paste that and share that. You can’t do that at this time with […]

TKC 290 Richard Bach

Author of Illusions II: The Adventures of a Reluctant Student and Jonathan Livingston Seagull: The New Complete Edition Interview Starts at 10:30 The wonderful thing about working with Kindle Singles is—Wham!—there it is! It was like meeting a publisher with speed skates. It was just amazing. The ice was just spraying behind the skates and everything […]