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TKC 510 James Fallows & Deborah Fallows

Authors of Our Towns: A 100,000-mile Journey Into the Heart of America Interview starts at 9:43 and ends at 39:14 “James Fallows: ‘Through my reportorial lifetime I’ve seen a number crises for the American system, which the U.S. has so far managed to muddle its way through. That does not guarantee continued muddling, but I […]

TKC 509 Séamus Bellamy

Traveler, teller of tales, reviewer of eReaders Interview starts at 15:25 and ends at 41:53 “To be honest, I haven’t met one person outside tech nerds like myself that use it [Kindle’s X-Ray feature.] I very rarely use it. I kind of go ‘Let’s see what this is about.” I think it takes away from […]

TKC 508 Brett McNeill

Longtime Kindle Chronicles listener Interview starts at 18:14 and ends at 43:00 “It was very clear what was missing [in Seattle’s Amazon Go store]. There was no Kindle, no Fires, no place to scan and order one. Maybe that’s because you can just walk out, and they figure if they’re going to lose inventory they […]

TKC 507 Hannah Howard

Author of Feast: True Love in and out of the Kitchen Interview starts at 15:50 and ends at 41:48 “It’s not that I sought out to be published by Amazon. It was that Amazon happened to be the people who believed in me and my book, and they’ve been so wonderful to work with. I […]

TKC 504 Otis Chandler

Co-founder and CEO of Goodreads Interview starts at 14:30 and ends at 36:54 “People read along, and then–for as long as there’ve been books–after you’re done reading, you go talk about the ideas, the stories, the concepts that you read about. That’s actually a good metaphor for Goodreads and Kindle. Kindle is where you read […]

TKC 503 Blake Pollard

Readly U.S. Contact Interview starts at 12:48 and ends at 40:51 “Everyone for a long time has been trying to reinvent the magazine experience on digital, or even the newspaper experience on digital. I was one of those who came out and said, ‘Why?’ What you need to be doing is expanding your brand. People […]

TKC 494 Hafizah Geter

Editor at Little A Interview starts at 22:52 and ends at 44:24 “The trick with writing is a lot of times the more specific, the more universal something becomes. In taking care of a story, if there is something that I don’t quite understand, I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, that’s not related. We’ll take […]

TKC 493 Dean Koontz

Author of Ricochet Joe & the new Jane Hawk series Interview starts at 10:30 and ends at 41:57 “Whatever I was reading in childhood through adolescence, it lifted me up and out. I think it was all of that that made me want to be a writer. I thought it would be the most amazing […]

TKC 492 Tom Semple

Software Quality Engineer Interview starts at 12:46 and ends at 41:14 “Somehow the Goodreads would talk to the Amazon/Kindle cloud, so as new notes come in it would sync those down from Goodreads as well. And then they would just show up in your notes and highlights with the name of the person who you […]

TKC 491 Katie Ernst

Co-founder of Select A Story Interview starts at 8:33 and ends at 33:40 “An interactive story is essentially a series of interlocking short stories. I think a lot of authors kind of forget about that, and they end up writing a story where at the end of it, it’s like ‘Okay, you saw a spaceship, […]