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The Power of Habit – in 50 Words

I want to write 500 words daily, so I’m starting with 50. I love Leo Babauta’s six-week habit-formation plan. It’s why I now begin my day with 15 minutes of sitting meditation, eat vegetables at lunch, and practice my guitar for an hour each afternoon. Habit trumps discipline every time. (Cross post at

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Austin Kleon

In preparation for my Skype interview with Austin Kleon on March 24th, I read and watched a ton of stuff by and about him on the Internet. You will hear our conversation in TKC 295, scheduled to upload on Friday March 28. Until then, with homage to Wallace Stevens, here are 13 ways of learning […]

Getting Things Done Better than Ever–with Siri

  I am a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach to getting and staying organized. In the past decade, I have attended two of his one-day seminars and read his book carefully at least twice. I got lots of things done using his rigorous, common-sense method. Eventually, though, I didn’t keep up with the Weekly Review sessions that […]

Rx for Internet Addiction? A Six-Month Progress Report…

Cross Post from I’ve known for years that I have a problem with the Internet. Until my most recent effort to do something about it, I obsessively checked for whatever might be new online throughout my waking hours. Every 15 minutes or so in the midst of other work at my computer I would […]

Ode to Tea: Keep Calm and Carry On

A month ago I switched from coffee to tea. Darlene and I were at a cooking class taught by Warren Kramer in Brighton, Mass. As an aside, Warren made a statement that nudged me to action. All it took were four simple words. Here they are, perhaps arriving on a day that will nudge you, […]