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TKC 393 Len Vlahos

Chief Executive Officer of The Tattered Cover Book Stores Interview starts at 10:03 and ends at 42:09 I think it would be interesting for independent booksellers to experiment with selling eBooks directly, because it’s become much less device-centric. Tablets have in some ways normalized that world, and the notion that someone could build an open-source eReader app and […]

TKC 376 Stephen Windwalker

Creator of Kindle Nation Daily and BookGorilla   Interview starts at 9:38 and ends at 39:45 Of the top 100 bestsellers in the Kindle Store for the entire year of 2014, 91 of those books were made available by the publishers at prices that we discovered, put up and featured on BookGorilla. The average price […]

TKC 349 Ashleigh Gardner

Director of Content at Wattpad Interview starts at 17:50 and ends at 37:37 I think that Wattpad’s a great place for people to be able to tell their own experience and their own story. We’re seeing really interesting, diverse stories being added to Wattpad from around the world. News Oyster “Oyster Expands Its ‘Netflix For Books Service […]

TKC 342 Patti Thorn of Blue Ink Review

Co-founder of Blue Ink Review  Interview starts at 17:15 and ends at 43:24 The people who are putting out quality books in self-publishing are actually investing quite a lot, because most books really do need editing, no matter whether you self-publish or you don’t. Self-publishers usually can’t afford the level of editing that maybe you’d get […]

TKC 311 Linda Grant

Novelist, Journalist, Author of “I Murdered My Library” Interview starts at 23:05 I was sitting, reading this novel on my Kindle. And I thought, actually, this is a perfect medium for this particular book [In a Strange Room by Damon Galgut], which had a very pared-down writing style. And I did have this very, very eerie sense […]

Richard Bach Releases Long-Forgotten Ending to Jonathan Livingston Seagull

This is pretty cool. Richard Bach and Simon & Schuster tonight have released an updated version of his 1972 classic, with what looks to be a brand-new fourth part of the story that sold 40 million copies. Except it’s not a new ending. It’s the one Bach originally wrote but withheld for 40 years, until […]

Here’s the Second Batch of Kindle First Advance Copies – Free for Amazon Prime Members

Happy December 1st! I just checked, and Amazon Publishing has already posted four new “Kindle First” advance copies of books it will officially publish in a month. If you are an Amazon Prime member (if not, why not?), you can choose one of them for free. Without Prime, the selection will cost you $1.99. Amazon […]

My Test of the New Kindle Countdown Deal Promo Is Live in 3, 2, 1….

It works! I set up a Kindle Countdown Sale for an eBook short that I published last year, titled Inside the Hangar at Amazon’s Press Conference in Santa Monica – September 6, 2012. As of today at noon Eastern Time, the price dropped from $2.99 to 99 cents, where it will remain until noon on Friday, November […]

Neil Gaiman’s Wonderful, Accidental Myth: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Neil Gaiman’s new novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, surprised him by being a novel at all. At BookExpo America (BEA) on June 1 he told a room full of adoring fans that the story began as a short story, then morphed into a novelette, then a novella. He eventually had to send this awkward […]

No Kidding: David Foster Wallace’s Massive Infinite Jest is on sale for $1.99 today

The late David Foster Wallace’s sprawling novel–all 1,092 pages of it–is available today for $1.99 as part of the Kindle Daily Deal. It was first published in 1996, and I remember buying a paperback copy of it at the Tattered Cover Book Store here in Denver. I can remember where it was on display, at […]