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Stephen King’s New Kindle Single on Guns: More of an Original Mind Trip Than a Rant

Jan 25, 2013

I finished Stephen King's Kindle Single, Guns, over lunch. It's a highly original take on the debate over gun control, so I don't think it was fair of me to dismiss it in the previous post as a "rant." Some of the writing is excessively voiced, in my opinion, but the case he makes rests on [...]

Stephen King’s Essay/Rant about Guns Gets Speedy Publication at Kindle Singles

Jan 25, 2013

The press release announcing Stephen King's new 99-cent Kindle Singles essay, "Guns," emphasizes how fast a major author can get his or her ideas into wide distribution because of eBook technology and platforms. "King finished this essay last Friday morning, and by that night we had accepted it and scheduled for...

Amazon Puts Its Money Where Its Text-to-Speech Is

Jan 24, 2013

I remember that one of the first things I noticed about the Kindle Fire HD was how much better the text-to-speech voice was on it, compared with text to speech on the Kindle Touch. The voice was more fluid, the phrasing easier to listen to. Today Amazon announced that it is purchasing the company that [...]

Good Kindle News for Canada!

Jan 23, 2013

Amazon today announced that the Kindle Paperwhite WiFi and 3G models and the basic Kindle are available to customers in Canada at the site. In addition, Canadian customers can now access the Canada Kindle Store directly from their Kindles. Click here for the full press release. The E Ink Kindles will also be...

Libraries Panel at Digital Book World – Live Blog

Jan 17, 2013

Last panel at Digital Book World is named "Libraries: More Important than Ever for Discovery." The moderator is Barabara A. Genco, manager, special projects, Library Journal. Panelists are Stephanie Anderson, head of readers advisory, Darien Public Library; Skip Dye, VP and director, Library and Academic Sales...