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TKC 325 Donald Katz

Founder and CEO of Audible, Inc. Interview starts at 8:05 I think we’ve done a lot to change the quality of the performances, and  the perception of the performances in the entertainment, and the learning and the retention values and everything that causes people to want to read. Show Notes and Links: News “Amazon Closes Muliti-Year […]

TKC 300 Baratunde Thurston

Author of How To Be Black Interview starts at 15:46 What is the point of me having a relationship with MailChimp and a powerful email newsletter and social platforms through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus with all these followers and community members? I have connectivity everywhere. The deepest connection I potentially have is with someone who spent […]

Amazon’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) panel at New Media Expo – LiveBlog

Audible, a unit of Amazon, is presenting a panel at New Media Expo on the Audiobook Creation Exchange. The head of Audible, Jason Ojalvo, is on the panel, along with others who have used ACX. Here we go:

TKC 267 Sam Ford

Co-Author of Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture Interview Starts at 17:38 The book has always been, in terms of its ideas, a highly connected media property, highly intertextual, referring to ideas in society, other works, etc. The technology has now caught up to the cultural process in a way that allows us […]

TKC Guest Gabra Zackman Featured in New York Times Article

I was delighted today to catch up with a New York Times feature that ran on June 29th, because it highlighted the work of Gabra Zackman, the actress and narrator who was my guest on the last Kindle Chronicles podcast, TKC 256. The headline is “Actors Today Don’t Just Read for the Part. Reading IS the […]

TKC 256 Gabra Zackman

Actress and narrator Interview Starts at 24:45 I think the experience of reading a book oneself and listening to it are profoundly different. I will say that I do think the narrator of an audiobook becomes an incredibly important part of the experience. And I know so many wonderful craftspeople in the field, but I […]

TKC 254 Tom Semple

Software quality engineer and valued tech resource in the world of eReaders Interview Starts at 15:29 With a book you just dog-ear the pages or you stick in sticky notes. You can get to one place in the book and flip back and forth really easily. And most of the reading systems, at least from main […]

Amazed (Again) by Amazon’s Customer Service

Send to Kindle Those of you who, like me, have come to expect Amazon to provide amazing customer service, may find yourselves from time to asking, “This is a crazy request, but I wonder if they might go along with it.” After my experience this week, I want to urge you to give them a […]