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TKC 360 Russ Grandinetti

Amazon’s Senior Vice President – Kindle Interview starts at 10:17 and ends at 42:35  My guess is that if you asked all the publishers with whom we’ve reached agreement in the last year they would tell you that they had to compromise some things they didn’t love. And we’ve had to compromise some things we […]

Alexa, Get Ready for Everyone!

Amazon just announced that its brilliant robot-in-a-can assistant, Amazon Echo, is now available for everyone. No more waiting for an invitation. The price is $179.99 with free shipping for Prime members. Click here to buy one and help support The Kindle Chronicles! Thanks, Len Text of press release: Echo is a new category of device […]

Under the Hood of Kindle’s New Typesetting Engine

I am no expert on kerning or ligatures, but I am impressed at the typesetting sophistication evident in Kindle’s new typesetting engine, coming within weeks to the new Paperwhite 3, as well as to the existing Paperwhite 2 and Voyage. In this nine-minute video, I show you what these improvements will look like when they arrive in […]

TKC 359 Daniel Cubias

Author of Barrio Imbroglio Interview starts at 14:24 and ends at 38:38 There’s an incentive for Amazon on two levels to say, “Hey, let’s try to bring in readers.” And one way of bringing in readers is you get more writers. And so they’re definitely reaching out to Spanish-language authors in America and in Latin Americas […]

My Video Review of the New Kindle Paperwhite 3

Does the new Kindle Paperwhite, announced yesterday by Amazon, mean the erstwhile top-of-the-line Voyage is toast? How much better is this third-generation Paperwhite, available by preorder now for shipping June 30,  from the current one? How many of you will click here to buy a new Paperwhite in order to show some Amazon Associates love for The Kindle […]

Kindle’s Summer Surprise: Hot New Paperwhite for Same Price

I didn’t see this one coming. Amazon this morning announced a brand new version of its flagship Kindle, the Paperwhite, available for pre-order now with shipments beginning June 30. They’re calling it “New Kindle Paperwhite.” Its screen resolution is 300 pixels per inch (ppi), an impressive upgrade–more than twice the pixels– from the current 212 ppi screen. At […]

TKC 358 Michelle Miller

Author of The Underwriting Interview starts at 19:39 and ends at 39:40 I was a first-time novelist; I didn’t have a name at all. So it was a great way to find my audience before I tried to find an agent and a publisher. I think that is such a daunting process for writers, to […]

TKC 357 Prof. Krystine Batcho

Professor at Le Moyne College   Interview starts at 17:02 and ends at 44:15   If it keeps your attention, and you’re enjoying it, and it’s making you think—that’s the book for you. News “Trade Sales Fell in February” by Jim Milliot at Publishers Weekly – June 5, 2014 BEA panel on Publishing in China […]

TKC 356 Denver Comic Con

Intro Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (Paperback, 1993) by Scott McCloud Interviews at Denver Comic Con (Times show when each interview begins) Andy Mithun of the Stubby Shillelaghs (6:25) Critical Fail Kickstarter campaign Clayton Kauffman, 12, of Brush, Colorado (12:20) Dale Roberts of Dale Roberts Comics (13:56) Megan Sullivan, director of communications, Aurora Rise (17:23) “Alex Sullivan, […]

TKC 355 Hunter Maats and Katie O’Brien

Authors of The Straight-A Conspiracy Interview starts at 13:10 and ends at 41:52 What the brain science says is that if you’ve learned one thing, you can learn anything. If your brain has a preference right now, it’s just because you’ve been working on that thing a little more. Your brain is not coming into […]