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TKC 499 John Aga

Avid reader, longtime listener Interview starts at 12:45 and ends at 43:20 “My ideal Kindle would have real buttons and would have audio support, so that you could do immersion reading along with just straight reading.” News “Amazon plans to open as many as six more cashierless Amazon Go stores this year” by Jason Del […]

TKC 498 American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in Denver

Len Edgerly, left, and Felix Lloyd at ALA Exhibit Hall Carmela Orsini of Novel Effect (5:08 to 13:22) Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson The Little Shop of Monsters by R. L. Stine Paul Knopf, chief architect at GFA Technology (13:27 to 21:40) Felix Lloyd, cofounder and CEO of Beanstack (21:44 to 30:53) […]

TKC 497 My Father William and Grandson James

Avid book lovers and Kindle readers  Interview starts at 17:43 and ends at 42:24 “I’ve been writing a realistic fictional narrative for my class as an assignment. There are certain phrases in [Kindle] books that have been highlighted 300 times or a thousand times. I try to make my phrases be like those phrases, because […]

TKC 496 Meg Gardiner

Author of Into the Black Nowhere: An UNSUB Novel Interview starts at 18:20 and ends at 40:10 “One of the oldest stories that humanity tells itself is defeating the monster. Whether that’s the dark shape that howls in the night outside the cave or something that drags a club around or sea monsters–humanity always wants […]

TKC 495 Jon Fine

Senior Vice President & Publisher at Open Road Integrated Media Interview starts at 11:28 and ends at 34:48 “No company in publishing right now is better aligned with Amazon in terms of our focus on the customer experience, in terms of our focus on eBooks and driving growth in eBooks.” News Amazon Go video “Amazon […]

TKC 494 Hafizah Geter

Editor at Little A Interview starts at 22:52 and ends at 44:24 “The trick with writing is a lot of times the more specific, the more universal something becomes. In taking care of a story, if there is something that I don’t quite understand, I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, that’s not related. We’ll take […]

TKC 493 Dean Koontz

Author of Ricochet Joe & the new Jane Hawk series Interview starts at 10:30 and ends at 41:57 “Whatever I was reading in childhood through adolescence, it lifted me up and out. I think it was all of that that made me want to be a writer. I thought it would be the most amazing […]

TKC 492 Tom Semple

Software Quality Engineer Interview starts at 12:46 and ends at 41:14 “Somehow the Goodreads would talk to the Amazon/Kindle cloud, so as new notes come in it would sync those down from Goodreads as well. And then they would just show up in your notes and highlights with the name of the person who you […]

TKC 491 Katie Ernst

Co-founder of Select A Story Interview starts at 8:33 and ends at 33:40 “An interactive story is essentially a series of interlocking short stories. I think a lot of authors kind of forget about that, and they end up writing a story where at the end of it, it’s like ‘Okay, you saw a spaceship, […]

TKC 490 Mark Jarvis

Doubledecker Bus Driver in London Interview starts at 11:20 and ends at 39:30 “The [Fire HD] 8 will be my Kindle that travels with me. I take it to work. We’re not allowed to have them in the cab for fairly good reasons. They don’t want anything that will distract you from the job of […]