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TKC 393 Len Vlahos

Chief Executive Officer of The Tattered Cover Book Stores Interview starts at 10:03 and ends at 42:09 I think it would be interesting for independent booksellers to experiment with selling eBooks directly, because it’s become much less device-centric. Tablets have in some ways normalized that world, and the notion that someone could build an open-source eReader app and […]

TKC 392 Kindle Blogger Bufo Calvin

Bufo Calvin is the creator of the I Love My Kindle blog   Interview starts at 10:46 and ends at 44:02 If people were evolving away from reading long-form reading, we would not have series. But right now people will say, “Oh yes, that’s great. It’s a 200-page book, but I want a thousand pages about this character. So I […]

TKC 391 Morgan Parker

Editor of Amazon’s Little A imprint and Day One magazine Interview starts at 18:03 and ends at 42:20 A lot of editors across Amazon Publishing kind of have their hands in Day One. Everyone’s really excited about it and dedicated to discovering these new voices and finding opportunities for new writers. (Photo by Rachel Eliza […]

TKC 390 Jane Friedman

Helping authors and publishers flourish in the digital age   Interview starts at 14:20 and ends at 44:34 This question has become a little bit of a litmus test in the writing and publishing community. It’s almost interesting to talk about how other people react very viscerally to Amazon as a good or bad influence or factor. […]

TKC 389 Donna Foley Mabry

Author of Maude Interview starts at 15:00 and ends at 44:33 I do have an agent who called me, and he’s representing Maude. She’s been translated into Italian, German, and Russian. He made the deal for the audiobook. He’s right now negotiating with a few more countries. Whatever Kindle and Amazon don’t cover as far […]

TKC 388 Dave Slusher

Creator of the Evil Genius Chronicles blog and podcast Interview starts at 10:47 and ends at 42:22 This idea that books are exempt from the rules of hoarding, that you’re supposed to be happy that you have walls and walls lined with these things? I don’t actually feel that. I feel that if I had […]

TKC 387 Jim Milliot

Editorial Director at Publishers Weekly Interview starts at 16:57 and ends at 44:32 It’s far from the death of eBooks. eBooks are a permanent part of the publishing industry, for sure. But what’s the next innovation? What’s the next mover? What’s going to come along to jumpstart it again? Publishers acknowledge that all you’ve really done […]

TKC 386 Susan Mark

Publications Specialist, Wyoming State Library   Interview starts at 20:34 and ends at 38:51 We know that libraries will continue to evolve. The technology is changing so fast. It’s kind of hard to say how they will continue to evolve. But they are going to be out there to meet the needs of their patrons. […]

TKC 385 Charlie Tritschler

Vice President – Amazon Devices   Interview starts at 18:29 and ends at 37:47 We spent two days in an off-site with Jeff going through the experience, setting up little scenarios of “Ok, here’s the customer. They’ve done’ this, they’ve done this.” And then we would go off in our own corners for 15 minutes and […]

TKC 384 Nick Lum

Founder and CEO of BeeLine Reader   Interview starts at 14:09 and ends at 41:52 They tried it out with the first graders and found that in the control classroom the students’ reading fluency went up by about 8 points in the course of a month. In the BeeLine classroom, they went up by 14 points. News […]