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TKC 313 Andrew Savikas

CEO of Safari Books Online Interview starts at 20:55 I don’t have any firsthand knowledge about how things have looked on the Kindle Unlimited side, though it’s certainly notable that for now, at least, I don’t think any of the Big Five trade publishers are participating. Show Notes and Links: News “ComiXology now offers DRM-free […]

TKC 312 Stephen Windwalker

Creator of Kindle Nation Daily and BookGorilla Interview starts at 9:23 I don’t think their market [for Fire phone] is people who don’t have a smartphone now. I think it’s people who have some version of an Android phone or an iPhone, and they’re committed Amazon customers. I would expect that 75 percent of their […]

Sun Test: iPhone 5S versus Amazon Fire Phone

  One of the benefits Jeff Bezos claimed for the Amazon Fire Phone is that its screen would be easier to read in direct sunlight than existing smartphones. Today I took my Fire phone review unit and my iPhone 5S outside to compare the screens. I took the photo above with a real camera, my […]

Unboxing Video of Kindle Fire Phone

My very first impressions of the Kindle Fire phone? Mayday rocks. I tapped through to my first question and answer within five minutes of firing up the phone. Will I really cancel my iPhone contract with Verizon and rely on the Fire as my only phone? Not yet. I will be toting two phones for […]

TKC 311 Linda Grant

Novelist, Journalist, Author of “I Murdered My Library” Interview starts at 23:05 I was sitting, reading this novel on my Kindle. And I thought, actually, this is a perfect medium for this particular book [In a Strange Room by Damon Galgut], which had a very pared-down writing style. And I did have this very, very eerie sense […]

TKC 310 David H. Rothman

Creator of TeleRead and LibraryCity Interview starts at 15:48 Everyone, I think, would be better off if we replaced DRM [Digital Rights Management] with either no “protection” at all, or else social DRM, which in this case means imprinting the readers’ identities at the starts of books. The advantage of this is that books would […]

TKC 309 David P. Vandagriff

Contracts Attorney and Creator of The Passive Voice blog Interview starts at 22:32 “Predatory pricing” sounds good to people who don’t really understand that law very well. But I don’t see anything in Amazon’s behavior that would support that. I think a predatory-pricing antitrust action would would get kicked out of court, because where are the […]

TKC 308 My Grandson James

An 8-year-old Kindle reader Interview starts at 15:56 You can take a photo and put it on the Kindle of yourself. You would never get to do that to a book, probably! Show Notes and Links: News Full video of Jeff Bezos’s Fire Phone presentation on June 18 in Seattle “FAA grounds Amazon’s drone delivery plans” by […]

Demo of Reading a Book on Amazon’s Fire Phone

Brett McNeill recorded this video showing the amazing way you can control the flow of text in a book using Amazon’s new Fire Phone. It’s pretty spectacular and makes this device a reader’s delight. I’m packing up here in Seattle, headed to Denver after a very full dose of Amazon World. I keep thinking of […]

TKC 307 Fire Phone Launch

Dave Limp, Senior Vice President – Amazon Devices Interview starts at 27:17 A good example of a use case on reading, whether it’s the autoscroll in a web page or autoscroll in a book, is on a train. Lots of people in this world commute, and they read with one hand while they’re coming into […]