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TKC 339 Seth Godin at Digital Book World

Author, entrepreneur, maker of ruckuses Interview starts at 4:33 and ends at 14:50. Paper books are going to gradually and painfully and very, very slowly disappear. They’re going to become like LP’s. One by one the bookstores are going to go away, and then one by one the kids that grow up reading all the […]

TKC 338 Andy Weir

Author of The Martian Interview starts at 11:39 and ends at 38:29 More people bought it from Amazon than downloaded it for free from my site, which just goes to show you how deep into the market Amazon reaches and how good they are at selling books. That got it up into the Top Sellers […]

Is Amazon the Reader’s Friend? – Liveblog

I took a wrong turn on the subway and reached Brooklyn before I realized I was a long way from the Kaufman Center in Manhattan. I arrived late at the Intelligence Squared debate on the resolution “Amazon is the Reader’s Friend.” We are now into questions from the audience. It’s been a fantastic discussion, organized […]

Should/Can Amazon Be Constrained? – DBW Liveblog

Next up: what promises to be a lively panel discussion moderated by Ken Auletta of The New Yorker. The topic is “Should Amazon be Constrained and Can They Be?” The panelists are Barry Eisler, author of The Detachment; Annie Lowrey, a journalist at New York Magazine, and Barry Lynn of the New America Foundation. Mike […]

Authors Survey at Digital Book World – Liveblog

Jane Friedman, publisher of Scratch Magazine, is moderating a panel discussion titled “Authors Facing the Industry: 2015 Digital Book World & Writer’s Digest Author Survey Results.” Here we go…  

TKC 337 Russ Grandinetti at Digital Book World

Amazon’s senior vice president for Kindle We can all observe the fact that in every single digital media category subscriptions is playing an important role—in music, in movies, in newspapers—you cannot find a digital medium where subscription isn’t a model that succeeds at some level, and I don’t think books will be immune to this. […]

Apple’s iBooks Director at Digital Book World: Liveblog

Next up (at 11:35 am EST) at Digital Book World is Keith Moerer, director of Apple’s iBooks Store. He will be interviewed by Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch. The DBW program says the iBooks Store is the second largest bookseller in the world, but I happen to be sitting at a table with an expert […]

Ken Auletta at Digital Book World: Liveblog

Ken Auletta, who will moderate a hot panel later today titled “Should Amazon be Constrained and Can They Be?”, is up next with his own presentation, titled : “Publishing and Other Media in a World of Engineers.” If you don’t see the individual live blog posts, click on the headline above.  

Seth Godin at Digital Book World – Liveblog

Legendary big thinking marketer and author Seth Godin takes the stage at Digital Book world, for a conversation with Michael Cader, founder of Publishers Lunch, and Mike Shatzkin, founder and CEO of The Idea Logical Company. If you don’t see the individual liveblog posts, click on the headline above to reveal them. I hope to […]

Blue Sky for eBooks at Digital Book World – Liveblog

This is the last panel of the day that I will liveblog at Digital Book World. I stepped into the room just in time to hear a favorite big thinker, Peter Meyers, author of Breaking the Page. Click on the headline of this post if you can’t see the liveblog posts.