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TKC 320 Amazon’s NYC Briefing on New Devices

Show Notes and Links: If you use these links to purchase one of the new devices, it will provide Amazon Associates commission revenue to support the podcast without adding to your purchase price. Thanks in advance! – Len Kindle Voyage WiFi – $199 New Kindle – $79 Fire HD6 8 GB – $99 Fire HD7 8 GB – $139 Fire […]

First Look at Two New Kindles at NYC Product Demo

This is a video clip, taken by Brittany Turner of Amazon, showing the Kindle Voyage and new basic Kindle at the product demonstration today in New York City.

How New Fire HDX 8.9 Mimics Paper with Dynamic Light Control

In this video clip made at the Amazon new product launch today in New York City, Jon Oakes, director of product management for Kindle, explains Dynamic Light Control. This clever capability enables the new Fire HDX to change the background of a book’s page to adjust to available light in a way similar to the […]

First Impressions of the New Kindle Lineup

As my flight from New York approaches Denver International and the media embargo ends, I want to share impressions from today’s Amazon’s media demonstration of the new Kindles. My group of about 12 journalists—one of several such gatherings throughout the day—convened at Milk Studios, 450 West 15th Street, for a little more than two hours […]

What’s New Tonight from Amazon – Summary of New Kindles and Fires

Here are the new devices you can pre-order as of tonight (Wednesday, September 17th) at 9 p.m. ET at the Amazon home page: Kindle Voyage – $199 WiFi and $269 3G. This seventh-generation eReader is the thinnest, lightest, brightest, and smartest Kindle to date. You press the bezel for silent movement to the next or […]

TKC 319 Jim Duncan

Executive Director of the Colorado Library Consortium Interview starts at 16:26 We could go back as a group of libraries, hundreds of libraries across Colorado, to a Big Five publisher and say, “We’re ready to buy your content directly, and here’s the way it looks: You make your content exposed and available in our marketplace. The […]

Amazon drops price on Fire Phone to 99 cents with 2-year contract

Amazon today announced a pretty amazing price drop for the Fire Phone – from $199 (the price I paid for mine on launch day) to 99 cents. When I first saw the price in an email from Amazon’s PR department, I thought it was a typo. Cutting the price in half would have been newsworthy. But […]

TKC 318 Sara Nelson

Editorial Director of Interview starts at 20:43 On the Amazon book team’s pick for September’s spotlight debut title, Fives and Twenty-Fives by Michael Pitre: “Books about the war, any war, certainly a war that is current are very, very hard sells to customers. I think people often feel like they don’t want to read it, because they’re […]

TKC 317 Julie Blattberg

Open Road Media’s executive director of consumer engagement Interview starts at 15:13 Who put the “social” in social media? That’s one human being making a connection with another human being—so Bill Gates read someone else’s copy of the book [Business Adventures by John Brooks] a million years ago, and it made an impression. That’s what social media […]

TKC 316 Ripley MacDonald

Amazon’s Director of Student Programs Interview starts at 15:59 Everything that’s available on Amazon is available at the Purdue Student Store. The way to think about it is, once you’ve activated the co-branding or entered Purdue mode, you are really experiencing a personalized version of the Amazon site. But the products, selection, and pricing are […]