What’s Great About the New Kindle Oasis and What I Miss About the Original

The 9th Generation Kindle Oasis begins arriving today for those of you who pre-ordered one. Amazon provided me with a review unit, so I’ve had a few days to try it out. My video review is now available.

This is an impressive new Kindle, and I particularly love the leather cover available for it. The feel of the cover is soft, and–unlike the battery-loaded cover of the previous Oasis–you can use this one as a stand in either landscape or portrait orientation. Sometimes I like to set my Kindle on a table at a coffee shop for reading, but that wasn’t possible with the original Oasis.

As for the larger screen, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. Bedtime reading seems better with the original Oasis, which is smaller and lighter. The seven-inch Oasis screen seems to be shouting at me, sending me more words than I am used to as I read calmly before sleep. But reading in the living room, when I am perhaps more alert, I enjoy the larger screen real estate.

The off-center balance of the new Oasis is even more pronounced than that of the original, because there is more battery weight in the new one. It’s a good feel, like reading a paperback book in one hand.

I have connected the new Oasis via Bluetooth to my Echo Show speaker, and it works fine. In general, I think I won’t get much use of this feature of the 9th Generation Oasis. When I listen to Audible books, it’s easier to use the Audible app on my iPhone, which is always with me. But I know many of you will love this improvement in the Oasis. Pairing the Oasis is easy, and the sound quality is good, depending on what you are using for the audio.

The waterproof feature rocks. I had fun dunking the review copy in the chilly Atlantic a couple of days ago in Maine. Film at 11.

I will have a lot more to say about the new Oasis on Friday’s podcast. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them as comments to this post.

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