TKC 475 John Morgan

Executive Editor at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Interview starts at 13:18 and ends at 42:00

“Books these days as they are produced are pretty nice little objects. And then there are so many different ways that e-readers can work. You can read a book on your phone–a ton of people read books on their phones. They read them on the web, they read them on an eReader of choice–they can read E Ink, they can read on something like a tablet with the iPad. None of that process seems messed up to me. There’s a lot of consumer choice, and there are a lot of different ways to read the same book.”


Amazon seeks proposals for its second headquarters – September 7, 2017

“Amazon Wants A Second HQ–and Walsh Says Boston Will be ‘Laser Focused’ On Bidding” by Zeninjor Enwemeka at WBUR – September 7, 2017

“Few Cities Could Accommodate Amazon’s New Headquarters” by Conor Sen at Bloomberg – September 7, 2017

“Amazon’s second headquarters: These cities are contenders” by Irina Ivanova at CBS Moneywatch – September 7, 2017

Amazon Prime Instant Pickup

“Amazon removes the Fire TV box from the ‘Fire TV Family’” at AFTVnews – September 7, 2017

Tech Tip

“Amazon Customers: Beware This Scam” by Joseph Steinberg at Inc. – September 5, 2017

Interview with John Morgan

Imprint, the Children’s Publishing Group at Macmillan

Mr. Robot: Red Wheelbarrow

“Snowfall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” by John Branch at The New York Times – 2012

The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt (Playstation 4) based on The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski

Tom Clancy’s The Division: New York Collapse (paperback only)

Tom Clancy’s The Division (videogame)

Melcher Media

The Future of Storytelling

Tilt Brush by Google

Kesler Woodward’s Painting in the North website

“Book Deal: The Wild Lands” at Paul Greci’s blog – July 14, 2017

Surviving Bear Island by Paul Greci

House of Stairs and Interstellar Pig and by John Sleator (paper only)

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Illustrated [Kindle in Motion]


Next Week’s Guest

Jennifer Cast, Vice President of Amazon Books, the brick-and-mortar stores unit of Amazon

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  1. Eolake Stobblehouse wrote:

    Fifteen years… 50,000 jobs… 100,000$ annually on average… Holy crow.

    I am (also) quite surprised and a bit disappointed by how little has happened with tablets and illustrated books. Even *without* any motion or interactivity… when the iPad came out, I was so excited as an artist and writer and as a reader to make and see all the wonderful material which would surely come to this amazing platform. Just the fact alone that color illustrations look so much better on screens than they do on paper… And yet people keep making and buying illustrated books on paper, like it was 1917.

    Posted 09 Sep 2017 at 7:52 pm