TKC 470 Scott Parazynski

Author of The Sky Below

Interview starts at 14:15 and ends at 41:36

“My goal with this book is to show people that it’s important to have high, lofty dreams, but it’s even more important to then have the vision and the resolve to make them come true.”


“Is Amazon getting too big?” by Steven Pearlstein at The Washington Post – July 28, 2017

“Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox” by Lina M. Khan at the Yale Law Journal – January, 2017

“Amazon’s Jobs Fair Sends Clear Message: Now Hiring Thousands” by Noam Scheiber and Nick Wingfield at The New York Times – August 2, 2017

Tech Tip

Amazon instructions for using your Alexa device to control your Fire TV

Interview with Scott Parazynski

The Sky Below: A True Story of Summits, Space, and Speed by Scott Parazynski

Scott Parazynski on CBS This Morning – July 31, 2017

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