This Week’s Kindle Chronicles Guest Is the Author Robert Masello

robert-masello-1For Friday’s show I recorded a Skype interview today with Robert Masello, author of The Jekyll Revelationset for release on November 8. Masello’s new novel is an imaginative, richly layered story that weaves Jack the Ripper and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde together with environmental threats California. I am about a third of the way through the Advance Reading Copy (ARC) provided by 47North, Amazon Publishing’s mysteries imprint.

Masello previous novel was The Einstein Prophecypublished in August of 2015 by 47North. Before that, his numerous bestselling books, including The Romanov Cross, were published by Random House’s Bantam imprint and other Big Five publishers. One reason I made a note to catch up with him for today’s interview was that I learned at BookExpo America in May about his switch from the biggest of the Big Five to Amazon Publishing.

To say this prolific, talented author is happy with his new home at Amazon Publishing understates what I heard this afternoon from Santa Monica. There are drawbacks, he said, the most notable being that he never sees his APub books displayed on a table at Barnes & Noble and most independent bookstores. Those retailers, who in their high-minded commitment to free access to ideas, refuse to display Amazon’s books because– well, I’m not really sure what the reason is except that they really, really don’t like Amazon.

The traditional publishers also have an advantage in generally offering larger advances than Amazon, Masello said. But Amazon pays royalties every month instead of every six months, and Amazon provides sustained marketing and promotion for books that results in a steadier income stream after publication.

I loved hearing about Masello’s creative process for his books, which pose daunting historical mysteries that he writes his way toward solving, without an outline. In the case of The Jekyll Revelation, the mystery includes the identity of Jack the Ripper. His historical research is extensive, backed up by APub’s meticulous proof-reading and fact-checking.

After we concluded the recording, Masello told me Amazon had sent him an Alexa-powered Echo to celebrate a sales milestone for The Einstein Prophecy. “I haven’t opened it,” he told me. “I need to find someone who will help me set it up.” If I’d been in Santa Monica instead of Cambridge I would have loved to do the honors!


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  1. BDR wrote:

    Thanks for the terrific guest. Best, in fact, of any that I’ve heard on your show and I could’ve listened to him for hours more. Please consider more author interviews like this!

    Posted 29 Oct 2016 at 12:30 pm