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Only when I read a truly great novel do I feel that I have lived an alternate life that might actually teach me some lessons, so that I don’t have to learn them myself. My favorite book is Remains of the Day. When I read Remains of the Day I feel like I understand extreme life regret in a way that I hopefully will never experience in my own life—I don’t want to. You get to live somebody else’s life, and it’s very hard to get that emotional closeness, I think, from any other media type, still. So I think there is a place for great books and will continue to be, hopefully forever.

Interview with Jeff Bezos recorded on July 26, 2016


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Gabriella Page-Fort, content acquisitions manager at AmazonCrossing. She will relay answers to my emailed questions from Turkish novelist Ayse Kulin, author of Love in Exile.

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