TKC 387 Jim Milliot

Editorial Director at Publishers Weekly
Interview starts at 16:57 and ends at 44:32
It’s far from the death of eBooks. eBooks are a permanent part of the publishing industry, for sure. But what’s the next innovation? What’s the next mover? What’s going to come along to jumpstart it again? Publishers acknowledge that all you’ve really done so far is to put the text into a digital format.
“DOJ Urges Supreme Court to Deny Apple’s E-book Appeal” by Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly – December 31, 20115
“The Judge that Apple Hates” by David Margolick at Vanity Fair – May 31, 2014
Amazon’s 2015 holiday press release
“Amazon may have up to 80 million high-spendiong Prime members worldwide” by Tricia Duryee at GeekWire – September 14, 2015
Tech Tip
Thinking out loud about multi-reading
Interview with Jim Milliot
“PW’s Person of the Year: Jeff Bezos” by Jim Milliot at Publishers Weekly – December 8, 2008
“New Study Finds Low Levels of Digital Library Borrowing” by Jim Milliot at Publishers Weekly – November 27, 2015
“The 110 Most Useful URLs for Kindle Owners” at Me and My Kindle – January 1, 2015
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  1. Lorraine wrote:

    Well. In 2015 I read one physical book. I could not get it on my kindle or e pub .
    I love kindle – the background color, the size of the font, the light, the weight of the kindle, having hundreds of books with me.

    I just started to read on my phone. – when your kindle is not with you, your phone is.

    It is wave of the future. I am middle aged. And hope to get all of my books in e book format.

    Posted 03 Jan 2016 at 3:09 pm