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TKC 382 Donald Hall

Author of The Selected Poems of Donald Hall   Interview starts at 12:51 and ends at 43:57 It was a house that my great-grandfather bought in 1865, and the same family’s always lived in it. I’ll be dying pretty soon, of course, in the way of things. But I have a granddaughter who’s going to […]

TKC 381 Lenny Charnoff in Ecuador

Creator of the Cuenca Tech Life blog Interview starts at 1:29 and ends at 21:34 I just turned 70, so growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950s was very special. Cuenca reminded me of Brooklyn in the 1950s. The word for neighborhood in Spanish is barrio, so each barrio had its own butcher and baker and church. […]

TKC 380 Andes Adventures

This is the third of my Ecuador TKC episodes, uploaded today (Tuesday November 10, 2015) from the Ali Shungu Mountaintop Resort in Otavalo. You will hear the owners and hosts at Ali Shungu, Frank and Margaret, talk about their thirty-plus years in Ecuador, and you will hear from our birdwalk guide in Mindo, Alex Luna. […]

TKC 379 Voyage of the Carina

This is the second of my Ecuador TKC episodes, uploaded today (Thursday November 5, 2015) from the cloud forest in Mindo at the Sisakuna Lodge. You will hear our Overseas Adventure Travel guide, Roberto Quintana, on location in the Galapagos, telling us about sea lions, blue-footed boobies, and Galapagos hawks, as well as a conversation […]