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If my rave review on the podcast of Austin Kleon’s South by Southwest keynote address made you curious about his work, here is a seven-minute video portrait of him that I just discovered tonight:

Kleon’s book tour is under way, so I’m not sure when I might hear back from him regarding my invitation to come on the show for an interview. Another guest I’ve been wanting to talk to again is Kevin Eagan, who has recently added a podcast to his consistently thoughtful blog, Critical Margins. He’s another busy fellow, but with any luck we will be able to find 15 or 20 minutes to chat tomorrow or Tuesday for TKC 293 this week.

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  1. Jeffrey Myers wrote:

    Of course, Mr. Kleon is right about art and theft, and I applaud his efforts. I do, however, have two questions.
    First, if art involves theft, why would he stop making art when everyone else begins to do so? Doesn’t he, as an artist, have an obligation to produce something others can steal?
    Second, why steal from the newspaper? It’s important what you steal. The Renaissance began when a group of artists and writers decided to steal from a different source–classical antiquity. So, someone like Michelangelo tried to create a sculpture that he could pass off as a rediscovered (recently dug up) classical statue. Steal from what you think is the best!

    Posted 17 Mar 2014 at 5:47 am