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We’re seeing very fierce price competition between all players. Your well-known, top-tier bestselling authors–their publishers are competing with self-published books, indie published books, at price points all the way from not only $9.99 but $7.49 down to a dollar, two dollars, $2.99. It’s just providing an incredibly interesting set of events. It’s also very, very good for readers.

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“PM Launches E-book Bundling Program” by Judith Rosen at Publishers Weekly – August 20, 2013

PM Press web site

Braided Lives by Marge Piercy – $20 plus shipping for eBook and print version at PM Press

Braided Lives by Marge Piercy – $14.49 paperback at (free shipping with Prime Membership), $7.99 for Kindle

“Will the Quebec Government Step In to Try to Save Small Bookstores?” – at Publishing Perspectives – August 20, 2013

“Should the Price of Books be Regulated?” – CTV News video – August 16, 2013

“PQ mulls regulating price of books to save struggling stores, but critics say ‘insane idea’ will only hurt sales” by Katrina Clarke at The National Post – August 13, 2013

“Amazon Said to Have Tested a Wireless Network” by Olga Kharif & Danielle Kucera at

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“Silk Has a New Look” at Silk Web Browser blog – August 12, 2013

Interview with Stephen Windwalker

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Doctor Sleep: A Novel by Stephen King – $11.08 at the Kindle Store

1 Ragged Ridge Road by Leonard Foglia and David Richards – $0.99 at the Kindle Store


The Essentials Collection of National Book Award finalists and winners published by OpenRoad Media

Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust Rediscoveries series at

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