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BookExpo America 2013 panel on Self-Publishing

Starts at 10:12

I actually think disruption is the best defense for publishing. Self-publishing is turning out to be a potential boon for publishers, because you can sit there and watch people market themselves, share their ideas, see which things gather any kind of momentum in the marketplace, and then make your offer at that point where a lot of the risk is taken out. A lot of the market has already been built, the market that you’re probably not going to have very much money to spend to build anyway as a publisher in the modern world…In all the industries that I’ve worked with, digital disruption turns out to be a better friend than foe when all is said and done.

–James McQuivey, vice president and senior analyst at Forrester Research


Show Notes and Links:

Jerry Sears of Boulder Publishers in Boulder, Colorado (Starts at 2:00)

Thom Kephart, community outreach product manager at (Starts at 4:25)


Kindle Direct Publishing

Emma Pulitzer , marketing assistant at Open Road Integrated Media (Starts at 7:28)

CSPAN video of Self-Publishing Panel at BEA (52 minutes)

Chris Kenneally, Director, business development, at Copyright Clearance Center

James McQuivey, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research

Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation by James McQuivey – $5.99 on Kindle

“Angela James to Helm Digital Press at Harlequin” at Mediabistro – November 9, 2009

Keith Ogorek, senior vice president – marketing, Author Solutions and author of the Indie Book Writers blog

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