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Andrew Albanese

Senior writer and features editor at Publishers Weekly

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Heavy eBook consumers still do like their E Ink readers, and that’s a significant part of eBook sales. The fact that Apple only has the iPad and the iPhone and etc.–it only has these backlit devices–they’re only serving one part of the eBook market.  I don’t think that’s enough to give them a significant share of the eBook market in general. Without an E Ink reader, I think Apple’s never going to break through a certain glass ceiling when it comes to eBooks.

Show Notes and Links:


“Google Wins Appeal, Authors Guild Loses Class Action Status” by Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly – July 1, 2013

“Second Circuit Decertifies the Google Books Class” by James Grimmelmann at The Laboratorium blog – July 1, 2013

“Unintended Consequences in the HathiTrust Case” by Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly – October 19, 2013

HathiTrust digital library

“Amazon Patents ‘DVD Extras’ for E-Books” by Roberto Baldwin at Wired – July 2, 2013

Amazon patent for “Customized electronic books with supplemental content”

Tech Tips

     How to get the Kobo app on your Kindle Fire

1. On your Kindle Fire, swipe down from the top to reveal the quick settings. Tap on More… , then Device.

2. Make sure “Allow Installation of Applications” is in the On position.

3. Go back to home carousel view. Tap on Web to bring up the browser.

4. navigate to

5. Tap on the black button at right side labeled “Good e-reader Android App Market

6. Tap on orange “Download” button. You will see a “Starting download…” message appear in lower third of screen.

7. Swipe down from top of screen to reveal Quick Settings and notifications.

8. Under Notifications, tap on “com.good_.ereader_1.0.31.apk”

9. On next screen, tap on “install” button at lower right.

10. When installation is complete, tap on “Open” button.

11. Tap on search icon at top of next screen, then type Kobo.

12. Tap on the Kobo icon that appears.

13. On next screen, tap on Download button. It will take a while to download, and you’ll see a progress bar.

14. When download is complete, a new screen will appear. Tap on the Install button at lower right.

15. Wait for installation to complete. Tap Open button.

16. Sign in with your Kobo username and password.

Interview with Andrew Richard Albanese

The Battle of $9.99: How Apple, Amazon, and the Big Six Publishers Changed the E-Book Business Overnight – $1.99 at Kindle Singles

“Judge Hears Closing Arguments  in Apple Trial” by Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly – June 21, 2013

“Q&A with Andrew Richard Albanese, Author of ‘The Battle of $9.99” at Publishers Weekly – June 18, 2013


Humble eBook Bundle II  – Set-Your-Own-Price offer on six great books, expires July 17, 2013.

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