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A Few Thoughts After BookExpo America

If you were to take the seat at my little table here at a Starbucks at West 35th Street and Eighth Avenue and ask, “So how was BookExpo?” I wouldn’t know where to begin. I have been decompressing for a while, enjoying a latte and going online to score the last available seat at a […]

Guy Kawasaki – liveblog

Guy Kawasaki is at the podium at BookExpo America. Here we go…

An Author’s Guide to Goodreads at BookExpo America – Liveblog

Next up: Patrick Brown, director of author marketing at Goodreads, and Bella Andre, author of Always on My Mind: The Sullivans¬†. Patrick has run customer service at Goodreads, now focuses on helping authors find books via Goodreads. Bella Andre wrote for three traditional publishers and in 2010 began publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing. She has […]

Neil Gaiman on Why Fiction is Dangerous – Liveblog

Neil Gaiman is about to take the stage here at BookExpo America for a presentation titled “Why Fiction is Dangerous.” Here begins the liveblog. Click on the headline of this post if you can’t see the miniposts.