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Photo by Scott Matthews

Photo by Scott Matthews

Author of Asperger Love: Searching for Romance When You’re Not Wired to Connect

Interview Starts at 22:42

I was so impressed by Jack and Kirsten’s perseverance in trying to explain themselves to each other. Here they have this condition that makes it hard to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. It makes it hard just to understand in a kind of intuitive way what someone else is thinking. It made me think about my own relationships and how hard it is for all of us to do that. Even those of us who have neurological tools to do that, it’s kind of the quintessential challenge of all relationships, to explain yourself to somebody else and to understand someone else.

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Interview with Amy Harmon

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“The DNA Age” 2008 series for which Amy Harmon won a Pulitzer Prize in 2008

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“Navigating Love and Autism” by Amy Harmon in The New York Times (with video clips) – December 26, 2011

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