Fairbanks Journal


I took the photo yesterday on my flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Our Alaska Airlines pilot announced over the intercom that he was asking for the okay to fly so as to provide a great view of Denali on the right side of the plane, where I had a window seat just ahead of the wing. He pulled it off, and when the highest mountain in North America drifted by seemingly close enough to touch, applause broke out in the cabin.

I’m here for the wedding of my friend Kes Woodward and Dorli McWayne tomorrow in his painting studio. At the moment I am enjoying the vibe at the Alaska Coffee Roasting Company, where laptops and conversation remind me of coffee shops in Denver or Boston. But it’s -4 degrees outside, and the young woman next to me still has her fur hat with flaps on as she chats with her friend at a round wooden table.

I see no one Kindle Fire HD in the room but no E Ink readers. Kes yesterday on the way from the airport confessed that he has not picked up his E Ink Kindle for months, ever since he bought an iPad mini, which he now uses to read his Kindle books via the Kindle for iPad app.

I’ve started Asperger Love by Amy Harmon, whom I will interview on Tuesday for the podcast. It’s a terrific piece of journalism, about two teenagers finding love despite the challenges of their respective spots on the autism spectrum.

And now I’m off to see the ice sculpture competition!

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