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A Well-Done Kindle Paperwhite Manual is Free Today

I just spotted this promotion of  today’s one-day free price for a well-done guide to the Kindle Paperwhite by author Shelby Johnson. The title is Kindle Paperwhite User Manual: Guide to Enjoying Your E-Reader, and it will return to the regular price of $2.99 at the end of today. I’m guessing that means midnight Pacific time, so if […]

TKC 235 Peter Meyers

  Vice President for Editorial and Content Innovation Semi-Linear, creator of the Citia app Interview Starts at 22:16 What we’re doing at Semi-Linear with our Citia app is partnering with big publishers like HarperCollins, Hachette, and Penguin and saying, “Let us take a crack at some of your interesting and best-selling science and technology titles, […]