TKC 226 Russ Grandinetti

News – 1) Amazon announces record Kindle sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 2) Just in time for the holidays, a $1.5 million bonus is added for Kindle Direct Publishing authors enrolled in KDP Select. 3) Click here to vote for in the Chase American Giving Awards. The deadline is Tuesday, December 4. Worldreader is one of 25 nonprofits competing to receive a $1 million grant, depending on votes online. Let’s help them out!

Tech Tip – Here are the steps I outlined for my father, 85, who is learning how to print passages he has highlighted on his $69 Kindle in order to create a digital reading journal:  1. On Safari [or any browser], go to and sign in.  2. Click on “Your Highlights” at top of page.  3. Type Command-A or from Edit menu, choose “Select All.”  4. Type Command-C or from Edit menu, choose “Copy.   5. Create a new document in word processor.  6. Click anywhere on the blank page.  7. Type Command-V or from Edit menu, choose “Paste.”  8. Tidy up the page the way you want it to look, deleting extraneous items.  9. Print.

Interview (starts at 13:29) – I spoke on November 28th by phone and Skype with Russ Grandinetti, Amazon’s vice president of Kindle content, about dramatic growth in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL, pronounced “coal”) and KDP Select, programs that were launched on November 3, 2011, and December 8, 2011, respectively.

Content – The 4-Hour Chef  by Timothy Ferris and my experience of Immersion Reading with The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and the Audible version recorded by actor Jeremy Lyons.

Other links mentioned – Penguin’s new pilot program for public libraries. Al from Bardstown, KY, has a comment on last week’s interviews. Click here to sign up for the free Kindle Nation Daily Digest newsletter. My four Kindle books are available for free borrowing for Amazon Prime members: Inside the Hangar at Amazon’s Santa Monica Press Conference – September 6, 2011A Kindle Fan’s Report from the Front Row at Amazon’s NYC Press ConferenceA Poet’s Progress at Bennington – Vol. Iand Cold Turkey in Paradise: 12 Days Off the Internet at Maho Bay.

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