Amazon Gives WorldReader an Awesome Gateway to Awareness today is giving one of the most visible spots on the Internet to WorldReader, the nonprofit that is distributing Kindles to students throughout the developing world. When you click on¬†you will see a headline stating “For Kids in Africa, a New Way to Learn” and information about the program.

David Risher, CEO and co-founder of WorldReader, knew this very significant opportunity was coming when I spoke with him for last week’s podcast. But he couldn’t go public about it until today.

“It’s a huge day for us and for the kids in our program,” he e-mailed me. “Education is at the root of so many of the world’s problems…books can be the answer.”

I can’t remember Amazon ever making this hugely powerful screen real estate available to a nonprofit to spread a message. Which shows that WorldReader really is in a class by itself in terms of potential impact. ¬†Please check it out!

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