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My Video Review of Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite features major improvements compared with the previous model, the Kindle Touch. Here is my six-minute video overview of the Paperweight’s stunning screen and more responsive touch controls. The Paperwhite is available in these configurations: WiFi Only with Special Offers – $119 WiFi Only without Special Offers – $139 3G and WiFi with Special Offers […]

How E Ink Works – Video Extra with Sri Peruvemba

Sri Peruvemba, chief marketing officer at E Ink, gives a demonstration of how E Ink, the electronic paper which made the eBook Revolution possible, works. I made this video on September 11, 2012 at E Ink’s US headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as part of the creation of TKC 215. Link: Click here for my Kindle […]

TKC 217 James McQuivey

News – 1)  Via Eolake Stobblehouse, news that the U.K. Kindle Store lists Kindle Fire HD 7″ without Text to Speech. 2) DigiTimes reports shipment delays for the Kindle Paperwhite. 3) Wal-Mart stops carrying the Kindle. 4) Barnes & Noble introduces its new Nooks. Tech Tip – Q&A on WhisperSync for Voice and Immersion Reading. More on […]

Not Just Another Jeff B – Amazon Publishing VP Jeff Belle on “Virtual Water Cooler” : Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily link (Note from Stephen Windwalker: Longtime Kindle Nation readers may remember Jeff Belle as one of the first sponsors of Kindle Nation Daily way back in September 2010 with his debut novella, ‘Carlos The Impossible’ — “a ‘Ferdinand’ for grown-ups … a sort of love story: part tall tale, part sad, […]

TKC 216 Jeff Belle

News – A closer look at a sometimes overlooked member of the new Kindle family, the $159 Kindle Fire. It’s a great Fire for reading, because of its half-inch narrower width, and it offers Text-to-Speech which will not be available on the Kindle Paperwhite models shipping next month. One thing it doesn’t have is line […]

A Return to E Ink, Where the eBook Revolution Began: Cross-Post of my Kindle Nation Daily Column

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily link September 14, 2012 Most of the big news in eBooks these days comes out Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, but the eBook Revolution actually started right here in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prof. Joseph M. Jacobson of the M.I.T. Media Lab and one of his students, Barrett Comiskey, filed the original patent on […]

TKC 215 Sri Peruvemba

News – My thoughts on the Kindle Fire HD 7″ on the topics of audio quality, size, the new and improved Text To Speech lady, WhisperSync for Voice, and Immersion Reading. Also: a quick look at $69 Kindle, an eBook price war launched by Amazon, Mike Shatzkin’s praise of Amazon and thoughts on eBook pricing, and a big boost […]

Kindle Fire HD Review: Highlighting New Features for Reading on Fire HD 7″

This 9-minute video shows what it’s like to read books and a newspaper on the new Fire HD, as well as show you why the Special Offers feature of the Fire is not much of a problem, in my humble opinion. I’ll also tell you why I think WhisperSync for Voice and Immersion Reading are […]

Kindle News: My LiveScribe Notes from the Amazon Press Conference in Santa Monica

As I continue to work on an eBook article about Amazon’s September 6, 2012, press conference–3,500 words down, 6,500 more to go–I have been consulting the notes and audio that I recorded with my LiveScribe smartpen. One of the features of this system is that you can create a “pencast” to share on the Internet, […]

Unboxing the $69 Kindle Video: This Screen Looks Nice!

Note: If you are reading my blog posts on an E Ink Kindle, you won’t be able to see this five-minute video of my unboxing of a $69 Kindle, unfortunately. All you have to do in that case is to browse on your computer, tablet or smartphone to . It’s been a while since […]