New Publishing Idea: Unbound’s Crowd-Funding for Books

John Mitchinson, co-founder and publisher of Unbound, is matching authors with potential readers¬†before a book is published. I read about his work in the Delta in-flight magazine and just now followed up with a visit to the website. It looks like a promising venture, but I’m not clear whether the eBook versions of its projects will be available to read on Kindles. I’ve emailed the question to him, and if the answer is yes, I hope to do an interview about Unbound for a future episode of The Kindle Chronicles.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to check it out, you might take a look at a project which is 22 percent funded as of today. The author is David Bramwell, and his book is¬†The Number 9 Bus to Utopia. After having had his heart broken in a relationship, Bramwell visited a number of utopian communities looking for answers to life’s mysteries and returned home ready to talk to his neighbors in a new way. There is a well-done video explaining it, with an introduction by John Mitchinson.

Amazon is not the only disruptive player in the publishing industry. Ideas like Unbound are bubbling up from all over, and you never know which one is going to turn out to have changed the world.

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