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TKC 213 John Mitchinson

News – 1) The Verge has a purported photo of the next Kindle Touch, but something looks fishy about it to me. Too white a background. We’ll see, in Santa Monica on September 6 at 10:30 a.m. PT. 2) Yes, we have no Kindle Fires, Amazon announces. 3) Now we know how much we might be […]

Getting Ready for Santa Monica

I’m working under the hood of this blog tonight, preparing for next week’s trip to Santa Monica to cover the Amazon press conference on September 6 at 10:30 a.m. PT. I have installed the Live Blogging plug-in to enable me to liveblog the event in micro-bursts of text as it unfolds minute by minute. I’m not […]

Political Books on Kindle: Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column on Glenn Thrush’s new eBook, Obama’s Last Stand

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily link. August 24, 2012 A new eBook about the presidential campaign this week shows just how quickly the journalism game is changing. Obama’s Last Stand, written by Glenn Thrush,’s senior White House correspondent, was released in the early morning of Monday, August 20th, in eBook format only. Its juicy […]

Delayed Post of My Column About Gigi Whiteside’s Astounding Success with Kindles in the Classroom

Note: The following column was inadvertently overlooked and never made it into a post at Kindle Nation Daily. I’m posting it here as written two weeks ago, to catch up with my observations about Gigi’s work with Kindles in the classroom.    –Len ——————— This is a story about Kindles and non-readers from central Georgia. Or […]

TKC 212 Glenn Thrush

News – 1) Amazon sends out invitations to a press conference in Santa Monica on September 9  September 6 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time. I’ll be there, of course, eager to see what new Kindles will be announced. 2) Amazon announces that it is opening a new India Kindle Store. Tech Tips – 1) If you […]

Kindle Bargains Galore on One-Year Anniversary of Kindle Daily Deal

It’s hard to believe it was only a year ago that Amazon launched the Kindle Daily Deal. I always check the email each morning announcing the deal, and I end up buying probably one out of ten of them. Today they’re celebrating the anniversary by re-offering 25 of the Daily Deals, at $1.99 each. The […]

New Kindles: Now We Have a Date!

I just opened an email I’ve been expecting for weeks: an invitation to an Amazon Press Conference Thursday, September 6 at 10:30 am at the Barker Hangar, Santa Monica. As usual, there is no information as to what the press conference will be about. But we all know it won’t be an announcement of a […]

New Publishing Idea: Unbound’s Crowd-Funding for Books

John Mitchinson, co-founder and publisher of Unbound, is matching authors with potential readers before a book is published. I read about his work in the Delta in-flight magazine and just now followed up with a visit to the website. It looks like a promising venture, but I’m not clear whether the eBook versions of its projects […]

TKC 211 Gigi Whiteside

News – 1) The State Department backs away from a $16.5 million Kindle deal (PDF). 2) Have tablets already overtaken dedicated eReaders as the preferred way to read eBooks? Jeremy Greenfield analyzes the data. 3) I love the new Sony Reader PRS-T2‘s Evernote connection, even though it seems flawed at its debut. This is one handsome unit, […]

Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column on Eric Loss’s Adventure

The KND Kindle Chronicles Interview – Two Kindles Before the Mast: It’s Our Gain as Len Edgerly Interviews Eric Loss About Sailing Solo — and Reading eBooks — Around the World in 258 Days As Originally Published at Kindle Nation Daily.   How many Kindles would you take on an eight-month solo sail around the world? […]