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Transcript of July 26, 2012, Interview with Jeff Bezos – Cross Posted from Kindle Nation Daily

I traveled from Maine to Seattle to sit down on July 26, 2012, with Jeff Bezos for an 18-minute conversation about the Kindle. We met in an unadorned conference room at Amazon’s fast-growing campus of nondescript buildings. Amazon’s founder and CEO had brought a dish of cottage cheese and a paper cup containing something to drink. […]

Notes After a Very Full Two Days in Seattle

I’m finishing up a two-day marathon of interviews, podcast preparation and writing here at a mellow Starbucks at 2121 Terry Avenue in Seattle, three blocks from the Amazon campus. If I can find my way back to the light rail from Pioneer Square,  I will be on the JetBlue red-eye tonight back to Boston, arriving […]

TKC 208 Jeff Bezos

News – Amazon announces that second-quarter earnings fell by a whopping 96 percent compared with last year’s quarter, but the stock price goes up. Stephen Windwalker explains why. Tech Tips – All about X-Ray on the Kindle Touch, including a video clip from the Amazon press conference last fall. Also, how to sideload a photo from your […]

Cross-Post from Kindle Nation Daily: My Interview with Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 Author Cheryl Strayed

The other day someone asked Cheryl Strayed if she had her best-selling book, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, on the family iPad. “I didn’t even know that I could,” she confessed in our interview this week. In fact, the author whose memoir convinced Oprah Winfrey to launch a digitally hip Book […]

Department of Justice Sticks to Its Guns

By the time the 60-day comment period ended on June 25th, the Department of Justice had received 868 comments on the proposed Final Judgment with Hachette, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster in DOJ’s anti-trust lawsuit against Apple and five big publishers. Today the DOJ held firm in its settlement plan, which would roll back agency-model […]

TKC 207 Cheryl Strayed

News – 1) My comparison of Google’s Nexus 7 with the Kindle Fire for reading books 2) GeekBeat.TV’s John P has a fun and smart video comparison of the Nexus 7, Fire, and Nook Tablet. 2) Jeremy Greenfield reports on a doubling of eBook revenue in 2011 versus 2010. Tech Tips – Check out for automating […]

A Kindle Fire Fan’s First Impressions of the Nexus 7

This is one gorgeous slab of gadget. Right out of the box, the Google Nexus 7 seemed like a new breed of 7-inch cat. Slim, smart, with a soft back, and just slightly lighter than the Kindle Fire. I knew it would be like this. The Fire was introduced almost 10 months ago, and it’s […]

Cross-Post from Kindle Nation Daily: My Interview with Digital Book World’s Jeremy Greenfield

July 17, 2012 By LEN EDGERLY, Contributing Editor Jeremy Greenfield is surprised by how much his new beat, the book publishing industry, seems like a war zone. He has been at it for nine months now as editorial director of Digital Book World, whose mission is “Digital Publishing News for the 21st Century.” He brought with […]

Kindle Books: Thoughts on Finishing Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, the Book that Rekindled Oprah’s Book Club

Last night I finished Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. It is the book that singlehandedly roused Oprah to relaunch her book club, now named Oprah’s Book Club 2.0. And I can see why. Strayed’s account of her 1,100-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail is a riveting memoir, […]

TKC 206 Jeremy Greenfield

News – 1) Via Andrys Basten and DigiTimes, news of a possible delay in launch of the next E Ink Kindle.  2) The Financial Times publishes a five-part series analyzing Amazon, and the main author, Barney Jopson, is Tom Ashbrook’s guest for an “On Point” appearance. Some pretty strange ideas thus gain some traction. 3) Jon Cog finds […]