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News – 1) TeleRead has a good roundup of the latest legal filings by Penguin (PDF) and Macmillan (PDF) in the DOJ antitrust suit and by Apple in the class action suit against the same defendants.  2) Are two units of Macmillan–Momentum in Australia and Tor in the U.S. and U.K– paving the way for a DRM-free eBook future? Cory Doctorow thinks so, and I hope he’s right!  3)  Via Andrys Basten, NPD Group suggests a stronger first quarter for Kindle Fire sales than appeared to be the case from an earlier IDC report.

Tech Tips – Watchlists for your Kindle Fire videos, and some tips related to sending Word documents to your Kindle devices.

Interview (Starts at 16:48)Eric Hellman, president of Gluejar and the author of the Go To Hellman blog, explains how is attempting to help libraries manage the challenges of the digital age.

Content – “The Amazon Effect” by Steve Wasserman. Click here for The Nation’s podcast interview with him. I’m still reading War and Peace. A good movie on Prime Instant Video for aerobic workouts: The 1984 Footloose with Kevin Bacon, and here’s the soundtrack on MP3. Via Me and My Kindle, Rabbit Ears Books has 45 children’s books for 99 cents each for Kindle Fire, including The Velveteen Rabbit

Next Week’s Interview(s) will be recorded during my visit to BookExpo America in New York City.

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  1. Al wrote:

    Len – I also use a Macintosh and have NeoOffice as my Word replacement suite. First, an ODT file is directly convertible via Calibre whereas a Word document is not. Second, ODT files can be opened and saved in NeoOffice as well as Word and Excel files. Third, DOC files depend on what level of Word you are using, NeoOffice files do not. Fourth, Word by Microsoft is expensive, NeoOffice is not. I have not used Word directly because I used to use WordPerfect but switched to NeoOffice when I switched to the Mac because WordPerfect is not supported on the Mac. NeoOffice can open my old WordPerfect files however and I can save them in whatever format I wish. The last time I tried that with Word, it failed. Finally I consider the actions of Microsoft to be dishonest and so do not wish to support dishonest people or companies.

    Posted 02 Jun 2012 at 11:25 am
  2. Al wrote:

    On DRM – None of my articles are encumbered with DRM nor will any of my books ever be. Fortunately Kindle Direct Publishing allows us to select DRM or NO-DRM. I have noticed that many Indie authors are selecting NO-DRM and bully for them. As a reader that dislikes DRM, I have gone out of my way to seek books that are not encumbered by DRM. Baen Books has been a leader in this for decades and I am surprised that we are not acknowledging them as leaders in this movement. I also read books from,, fictionwise, manybooks, feedbooks and Gutenberg. There are lots of other sites that sell DRM free e-books that I don’t buy from, like romance novels, but then that is just my choice not a slam at those publishers like Harlequin. I don’t consider the move my Tor as being a leader, but as a follower. Maybe the management of those publishing companies that are struggling are finally realizing they are pushing away potential customers with their paranoia and it is time to open their store to all by getting rid of the DRM that is a barrier to sales and an offense to many of their potential customers.

    Posted 02 Jun 2012 at 11:40 am
  3. Al wrote:

    Len, I want to thank you for using an anti-bot scheme that is easily used my people but difficult for the bots. I HATE the cryptic ones that take 3 tries before I get them right.

    Posted 02 Jun 2012 at 11:41 am
  4. Eolake Stobblehouse wrote:

    I have a blog (three actually) on Blogger (, and it’s a big problem for everybody how difficult the codes (“captcha’s”) have become to read. It’s almost parody. I wish they’ll wake up soon.

    Posted 07 Jun 2012 at 8:54 am

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