Kindle Help with Kindle Touch Image Viewer from Tom Semple

Kindle Chronicles listener Tom Semple has forwarded the following helpful details on how to use the Kindle Touch’s “image viewer:”

If you are familiar with the image viewer that has existed on all Kindles prior to Kindle Touch, then you’ll appreciate how this works, though it is different, as with many things ‘Kindle Touch’. It’s not clear if this was added as part of the 5.1 update or was always there, but at any rate, you can indeed view jpg/png/gif files directly on Kindle Touch:

1. Connect via USB.
2. Using explorer/finder, create a folder named ‘Images’ at the ‘top’ or ‘root’ of the Kindle drive.
3. Add images to the folder in one of 3 ways:
– Drag images directly to Images folder. These will appear as individual items in the Images list with display name the same as the file name.
– Create a subfolder of Images and add images to that folder to be treated as a ‘gallery’. This will appear as an item whose display name is the same as the folder name.
– Package the image files in a .zip file and place this in the Images folder to be treated as a ‘gallery’. The display name will be the name of the .zip file.
(Note: ‘large’ images may not appear in the Images item list or display as part of a collection. I don’t know if the limit is one of resolution or of file size, or a combination of both. Empirically, I was able to display a 2500×2500 pixel image, but not one that was 5000×5000.)
4. ‘Eject’ Kindle from computer.
5, Make sure the ‘Filter By’  option is set to ‘All Items’ (should say ‘My Items (n of n)’ in header bar.)
6. Jump to last page by tapping ‘1 of n’ label in header bar and entering ’99’ (or any number greater than or equal to number of pages.)
7. On this page (or the previous page, depending on how items are paginated) there should be an item named ‘Images’ (along with ‘Dictionaries’, ‘Periodicals: Back Issues’, and ‘Archived Items’).
8. Tap on this item to view a list of image collection items.
9. Tap on an item to view.
10. Use page turn gestures to cycle through images in a ‘gallery.’
11. When done viewing, use Home button or tap at top of screen to reveal Back button to go back to Images list.

Images are viewed scaled to fit the screen in their original orientation, anchored in the upper left corner of the screen. Unlike the image viewers of previous Kindles, there’s no pan/zoom or ability to rotate, so ideally you’d use an image manipulation program to make everything have a resolution of 600×800 in the desired orientation, for maximum efficiency and ‘prettiness’. Also there is no way to delete images from Kindle Touch short of hooking up the USB cable and using the computer’s file manager. Previous Kindles also save ‘reading position’ within a series of images, but Kindle Touch does not. So it is rather limited and I would say more of a curiosity than something useful (as the previous Kindle image viewer was).

I suspect this is part of an unfinished screen saver feature, where it would actually make sense to display only 600×800 images without any other frills. For example, if they just added a  ‘Set as screensaver?’ option that appears when you tap and hold one of the ‘Images’ items, it would make some people (at least the ones with non-Special Offer Kindles) very happy (unfortunately I tried this and it doesn’t work…). I’m really curious to know if this was there all along, or whether it got added by 5.1. I suspect it has been there all along: the procedure for ‘activating’ it is rather different than that for previous Kindles, which is why I didn’t discover it initially and assumed it was not there at all.

Thanks, Tom!

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  1. Dan'l Lindsay wrote:

    Hi Tom,
    I have a kindle fire,(not the HD). I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife using a canon camera attached to my spotting scope. My problem is that there is often a glare on my screen from the sun. Is there any way to connect my kindle to my camera and use it as a viewing screen? If not, could you suggest something that I can buy that would connect to my camera? It needs to be battery powered and be the approx. size of a kindle.

    Thanks, Dan’l

    Posted 04 Oct 2013 at 2:02 pm
  2. Len Edgerly wrote:

    Dan’l, I don’t know of a solution for your problem, but I will mention it on the podcast today to see if someone else might know of one.

    Posted 04 Oct 2013 at 4:34 pm
  3. Tom Semple wrote:

    Note this tech tip is about how to view .jpeg or other image files after loading them on Kindle Touch (probably works on Paperwhite). It has no application to the camera problem here.

    What you are looking for is a ‘tethering’ solution for your camera so the image can be viewed on an external display (and image capture can be initiated from there). Canon has software that lets you do this with a laptop (using a USB connection). There are also 3rd party Android apps that do this, but these require a USB port on the Android device that supports a ‘USB OTG’ adapter (USB Host capability). The Fire HD (and Fire) do not have this capability. The new HDX might, but if so, it is not called out in the technical specs so nobody really knows at this point.

    Many ‘mainstream’ Android devices do have this capability, so if you had a

    Here’s an app that does this “Helicon Remote” in the Google Play store:

    As far as I can tell no such apps exist in the Amazon Appstore so you’d have to work out how to side load one.

    That said, perhaps a better solution would be to get (or improvise) a camera accessory (a ‘screen loupe’) that would fit over the camera viewfinder and block out the sun. For example:

    Posted 04 Oct 2013 at 5:59 pm