Revised TKC 195 – Corrects Audio Glitches in Final Few Minutes

The final few minutes of TKC 195 contained audio errors which I have corrected in this version. There were no problems in the first 40 minutes of the podcast, including my interview with Mike Shatzkin.

If you have already listened to the episode, the only information that you will find in this one that you haven’t heard is the date and time of the next TKC Google Plus Video hangout. As this file states, the next hangout will be Monday, May 7 at 2 pm. Mountain Daylight Time.

If you are linking to episode 195 of The Kindle Chronicles, please use this link to this revised audio.

My apologies for letting the earlier episode slip out onto the Internet with the audio glitches.

–Len Edgerly

May 2, 2012


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