TKC 187 Throw in the Vowel

News – 1) James McQuivey of Forrester Research, in a video interview at Digital Book World, reported on a drop in optimism among book publishers and forecasts a big drop in print revenue late this year or next. 2) Amazon reports fast growth in number of titles available at Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. 3) Via Media Syndicate, the first Kindle Touch availability outside the U.S. is spotted at Canada’s Amazon site .

Tech Tip – How to print out your highlights and notes using . Also, syncing calendars with CalenGoo and more on Apple/Kindle power adapter compatibility, courtesy of John P. McCormack.

Interview (Starts at 15:04) – John Cog, editor of the Me and My Kindle blog, tells how his new Kindle word game, Throw in the Vowel, got its start in conversations with his co-developer more than 20 years ago.

Content – Matter, a promising startup publication that will offer long-form journalism this spring, has been a runaway success raising pledges at Kickstarter. Look for good things to read on your Kindle from them once they launch. Via Amazon Studios, I’ve been watching a trial movie, The Nevsky Prospect. (My apologies for misstating the name in the audio.) Click here to watch via Prime Instant Video.

Other Links Mentioned – Cuyahoga County Public Library.

SXSW Meetup – The Kindle Chronicles will join forces with hosts of the eBook Ninjas Podcast for a meeting during South by Southwest Interactive Sunday, March 11, at 8:30 Central time. Location: Ginger Man Pub, 301 Lavaca Street, Austin. If you’ll be in the area, please stop by!  There will be no Google Plus TCK video hangout next week.

Next Week’s Guest – Lawrence Lessig, author of Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress – and a Plan to Stop It and One Way Forward: The Outsider’s Guide to Fixing the Republic, a new title released by Byliner.


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  1. Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

    Hey Len —

    I wrote an article on using an ereader (specifically, a Kindle) as a writing tool. It discusses a much easier way to get those notes off the Kindle.

    I hope that this helps you and your readers!


    Posted 03 Mar 2012 at 10:01 am
  2. Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

    One more thing about power chargers. I’ve also found that my cell phone charger from my LG smart phone will easily recharge my Kindle Touch.

    Posted 03 Mar 2012 at 10:27 am
  3. Len Edgerly wrote:

    Hilary, I’ve just been playing with . It’s a terrific tool! I am especially thrilled to see how clean the Evernote notes are that it creates, and how I can filter to create a note for a single book. Thanks very much for letting us know about this!

    Posted 03 Mar 2012 at 10:53 am
  4. Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

    Yay! I feel like a rock star now, having helped you learn a new tech tip for the Kindle. Len, I should let you know that I am a big fan of this podcast. I’m a relative latecomer to the Kindle and wound up trying out a bunch of different blogs to get up to speed. Yours is by far my favorite.


    Posted 03 Mar 2012 at 7:40 pm
  5. Sef Ramos wrote:

    Hey Len,
    I use google calendar to sync across all my devices and platforms. I can see it with my iphone calendar, my pc laptop and my kindle fire when I get it. You have to make notes or appointments directly to it to show on your iPhone calendar. I added an icon on the homescreen that opens it directly. Keep up the good work Len.


    Posted 04 Mar 2012 at 2:46 am
  6. Stephen wrote:

    New tech coming to a Kindle Fire in the near future?
    Stay tuned:

    Posted 07 Mar 2012 at 12:16 am