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Since I will be away this week on St. John, USVI, I prepared an all-comments episode for you that will post automatically. I’ve organized my backlog of great tips, observations, and opinions that you have e-mailed to me mainly about the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire.

Here are some links to topics discussed:

The TWIT FrameRate podcast, episode 59.

Marware Folio cover for the Kindle Fire.

M-Edge Incline cover for Kindle Fire.

ScreenDim app.

GetJar for apps.

I plan to prepare next week’s show from St. John, with an overview of 10 days off the Internet but still enjoying the delights of reading on the beach and elsewhere with our Kindles. I will be on the lookout for fellow Kindlers in Paradise for possible beachside interviews.

For a dollar, you can read my account of a similar Internet/media fast that I did five years ago at the same low-impact resort on St. John. It’s titled¬†Cold Turkey in Paradise: 12 Days Off the Internet at Maho Bay, available at the Kindle Store. Some of the links to videos are not live anymore, unfortunately. ¬†Click here to see the video collage I made of our 2007 visit to Maho Bay.

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  1. Bob Lee wrote:

    Yes, I have noticed that sometimes on my Touch I also can just make the tapping motion with my thumb and without actually touching the screen the page will advance.

    Since it doesn’t always work, but sometimes I can do it for a few pages in a row, I wondered if it was due to a static buildup. I can sometimes ‘turn’ the wheel on my old iPod without touching it too.

    Then you mentioned, Len, that the sensor is optical so static is probably not the answer.

    I wonder if there is a sweet spot where this works? Like the person mentioned in the podcast, I hold the Touch mostly in the palm of my right hand with my thumb resting vertically on the bezel, and I just lift my thumb and tap to turn the page.

    I have not noticed this ever on my Fire, but I don’t do a lot of reading on it.

    Posted 05 Feb 2012 at 2:28 pm